Breda Astro 20 shotgun, now also in Woodcock and Wild Boar versions

Breda is one of the best known brands in the field of hunting shotguns. Although the company has undergone a metamorphosis over the years that transformed it from a heavy industry to a specialized hunting brand, its followers have never failed to support it. Today, production of Breda-branded firearms continues at the Gardone Val Trompia facility from which these latest two novelties have emerged.

The Astro 20 Beccaccia (Woodcock) version has a 61-cm long barrel without rib to keep the weight down to less than 2.6 kilograms.

20-gauge Breda Astro for wild boar and woodcock hunting

Breda has developed two new versions of the Astro in 20-gauge. The semi-automatic shotgun uses an inertia system and is characterized by clean lines and simple, classic aesthetics that encapsulate accurate mechanics. The receiver is machined from a single lightweight Ergal alloy billet, with a black anodized finish. For the time being, the Astro semi-automatic in 20-gauge is only available with walnut stock and forend version. Both versions have a 76-mm chamber and can therefore fire magnum-type cartridges.

The strength of the Breda Astro 20 is the incredible ease of swing: quick, fast and accurate. Both the weight and the ergonomics of the woods, especially the fore-end, make its use functional and very pleasant.

The two versions, as the name already suggests, are distinguished by the different engravings and barrel features available:

  • Astro 20 Beccaccia (Woodcock) version, a featherweight at the incredible weight of 2.55 kg
  • Astro 20 Cinghiale (Wild Boar) version, weighing 2.70 kg
The Astro 20 Cinghiale (Wild Boar) version mounts a barrel optimised for dry-bullet cartridges. The sights are adjustable.

Both woodcock and wild boar hunting require light, well-balanced shotguns that can help the hunter in instinctive shooting and in the thick of the woods, so here is why both versions are fitted with a short barrel, but still capable of ensuring an excellent level of accuracy and power.

The adjustable LPA rear sight with fiber optic insert of the Astro 20 Wild Boar version.

The Astro 20 "Woodcock" version is available with a 61 cm long light barrel without a rib, featuring a ramped high-visibility front sight and interchangeable chokes.

The Astro 20 "Wild Boar" version has a 61-cm Slug barrel and therefore is ideal for the use of slug ammunition; it also features adjustable LPA sights with high-visibility fiber optic inserts. Both versions have a 76-millimeter chamber and can therefore fire Magnum-type cartridges.

Both models are embellished with gold-inlaid engravings depicting the prey to which each version of this semi-automatic is dedicated. List prices are 1,240 euros for the Astro 20 Woodcock and 1,253 euros for the Wild Boar one (as usual, prices may be different in your country due to VAT and import duties).

Breda Astro 20 Beccaccia and Cinghiale specs and price

ModelAstro 20 Beccaccia (Woodcock)Astro 20 Cinghiale (Wild Boar)
Gauge:20 with Magnum chamber
20 with Magnum chamber

Cross-bolt on the trigger guard

Cross-bolt on the trigger guard

Barrel Length:61 cm61 cm

Fiber optic front

Adjustable rear and front

Chokes:InterchangeableOptimised for slug use
Stock:Wood, pistol grip
Wood, pistol grip
Weight:2.55 kg2.7 kg
Price:1,240 euro1,253 euro

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