Browning Bar Reflex: the test on the shooting range

Presentation of the new version of the Browning rifles
Frédéric Colombié presents the new version of the Browning rifles to gun shop owners. 

Safety, speed and accuracy are undoubtedly the characteristics on which Browning has focused to give the maximum to the hunter who chooses to use its famous semi-automatic rifles in driven hunts. In this type of hunting, the quick and instinctive glance at the wild boar and ungulates in general is essential both for a successful shot in the forest and for safety. With the new red dot mounted on the barrel in a much lower position than before, Browning manages to give the hunter the possibility of shooting with both eyes open , going beyond the concept of field of view to expand the visual possibilities also to the peripheral area. This way, the hunter has full control of the situation and can concentrate  on shooting with accuracy and speed with a naturally facilitated target acquisition and the opportunity to fire a second shot even faster.

Browning Bar Reflex: features and calibers available

The red point that comes with the BAR Hunter, BAR Composite and Maral Composite rifles in Reflex version is the K1 by Kite Optics. Weighing only 36 grams, it's hardly noticeable, while still being crisp and effective for aiming. Its low position makes the adjustable comb superfluous, also allowing hunters to mount a scope on their rifles for long distance shooting without the line of sight being obstructed in any way. There are 11 brighting settings for the K1 red dot, that can be easily adjusted in a completely natural way thanks to two buttons that hunters can operate directly from the forend, without moving their hands or taking their eyes off the game. (Both the BAR Hunter and Composite rifles are also available in a version for left-handed shooters.)

Red dot Browning BAR Reflex
Kite Optic's K1 red dot offers the hunter a complete view for a safer, faster and more accurate shot. 

The Reflex version is available in the following calibers:

  • BAR Hunter Reflex .30-06Spr, .300WM, fluted barrel
  • BAR Composite Reflex .30-06Spr, .308Win, 9.3×62, fluted barrel
  • Maral Composite .30-06Spr, .308Win, fluted barrel

Browning spent a day introducing its new rifles to gun shop owners of central Italy, offering all those attending the opportunity to test fire them. A useful and pleasant chance to appreciate the quality of these guns, to which we from all4hunters were invited to participate  by the company itself.

For more information about the BAR Reflex carbine please visit Browning website .

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