Browning Buck Mark Contour Stainless URX in .22 LR, a classic rimfire pistol revisited

The Browning Buck Mark semiautomatic rimfire pistol comes from afar, since the project from which it evolved was born in 1961 with the presentation of three .22 Long Rifle caliber pistols based on the same blowback system, the Nomad, the Challenger and the Medallist.  In 1985, the first model called Buck Mark was introduced, which achieved considerable success, also thanks to Browning's speed in designing and manufacturing special versions, such as the one we are presenting here.

Buck Mark Contour Stainless URX, a great classic in a new form

As the the term stainless suggests, the main feature of this variant is the stainless steel construction of barrel and slide, while the URX acronym refers to the synthetic rubber grips (wooden gripped models have the suffix UDX). The frame is machined from aluminum billet instead.

The Buck Mark is a sport and training shooting gun, with a 5.5”/140 mm barrel that provides a sight radius of 8.66”/200 mm. The long blued rib is in fact a Picatinny rail on which it is possible to mount a micro red dot sight, but there are also Pro Target sights of excellent quality, consisting of a micrometrically adjustable rear sight and a ramp mounted front sight, which is easily replaceable. The Buck Mark Contour is also available with a 7 ¼”/18 cm barrel.

The Browning sports guns typical details include the wide, gold trigger. The Buck Mark Contour Stainless is fed by a single-stack magazine with a capacity for 10 .22 Long Rifle cartridges. The synthetic rubber grips with semi-anatomical grooves ensure a solid grip on the gun. The Buck Mark Contour Stainless URX comes in a plastic case at the suggested price of 729 euros.

Browning Buck Mark Contour Stainless URX rimfire pistol
The upper rib actually is a Picatinny rail on which the Pro Target sights are mounted.

Buck Mark Contour Stainless URX specs and price

Buck Mark Contour Stainless URX
22 LR
Barrel Length: 
5.5”/140 mm
Sigh Radius: 
Stainless steel barrel and slide 
Adjustable rear sight, fixed ramped front sight
Magazine Capacity:
10 rounds
Synthetic rubber
35.27 oz/1 kg
729 euro

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