Browning Maxus II: a new generation of semi-auto shotguns in 12/89 gauge with five hunting models 

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The receiver of the Browning Maxus II
Browning has given the receiver of the Maxus II a new look.

The new semi-automatic gas-operated shotguns from Browning are still based on the proven basic technology of the previous series. But for the new guns, Browning has come up with some improvements. First of all, the design: the new Maxus II has a newly styled receiver and, according to the manufacturer, is sleeker overall than the previous generation. The modifications improve swinging behavior and intuitive shooting. Browning currently equips all Maxus IIs with a polymer stock. Depending on the model, this is produced in different color patterns or camouflage schemes, such as Break Up Country or Shadow Grass Habitat from Mossy Oak, or in carbon fiber look. Would you prefer classic black? Of course, the new semi-automatic shotgun is also available under the model name Maxus II Stalker.

The stock of the Browning Maxus II
The stock in the Maxus II has been improved compared to its predecessor. The picture shows the stock of the Sporting Carbon Fiber model.

Maxus II: improved features on the shotgun stock

Rubber overmoldings on the pistol grip and forend provide the right grip, while recoil behavior and felt impact are tamed by a soft pad in the back of the stock, which goes by the name of SoftFlex. This is joined by an improved version of Browning's familiar recoil absorbing system called Inflex, which is designed to pull the stock slightly away from the shooter's face when firing to direct recoil forces into the shoulder rather than the cheek as much as possible.

Browning Maxus II Wicked Wing Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Habitat – All specs and price at a glance

Model:Browning Maxus II Wicked Wing Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Habitat
Price: from 1880 USD (1540 euro approx.)
Magazine Capacity:4 + 1 rounds (with 12/70 cartridges)
Overall Length: 47.2”/1200 mm
Barrel Length: 26”/660 mm
Stock Length: 14.4”/367 mm
Weight:7 lb/3175 g
Finish:"Burnt Bronze" Cerakote coating on barrel and receiver, "Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Habitat" stock finish, fiber optic front sight, 6.5 mm barrel rib, "Invector-Plus" Extended  interchangeable choke system
Browning Maxus II Wicked Wing Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Habitat with camo stock
Browning Maxus II Wicked Wing Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Habitat comes with camo stock, while the receiver is in "Burnt Bronze" finish.

Video from Browning: an overview of the key features and different models of the Maxus II semi-auto shotguns

Differences from the original Maxus model

Operation is simplified compared to the original Maxus by enlarged controls such as the charging handle or the bolt release push button. And to make ammunition loading even easier, the designers integrated a cartridge ramp into the front of the trigger guard. Additional rust protection is provided by a hard chrome coating on the inside of the barrel, while Browning provides the bolt of the Maxus II with a nickel Teflon coating. The forend attachment is based on tried-and-true principles: originally, the forend of the Maxus was removed from the shotgun by operating a push button. In the new series, however, Browning relies on a conventional screw cap that secures the forend over the magazine tube. There is no experimentation with the ingenious reloading system typical of Browning's modern gas-operated autoloaders. The new Maxus IIs also work with the "Speed Load Plus" principle: when the shotgun is empty, the first cartridge loaded into the magazine is automatically fed into the chamber without any further pulling of levers or pressing of buttons.

For the barrels, Browning is initially concentrating on the common lengths of 26 and 28 inches (660 and 711 mm), and for the gauge mostly on the extra-long 12/89 with 3.5” chamber. Exception: the Maxus II Sporting Carbon Fiber comes factory with a 3" cartridge chamber (12/76). Browning USA suggested prices for the Maxus II in the US start at $1530 (about 1255 euros), depending on the model.

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