Armanda Couto: a lady rifle shooter and a deer stalker lady hunter

Armanda accompanied her husband to the local shooting club and started shooting with an airgun. She said, “I was curious, and wanted to try it out. There was never any pressure, and I liked how I was shooting." Armanda laughed, and said, “I felt competitive shooting alongside my husband, and wanted to win!”

Armanda Couto stalking in snow
Armanda Couto stalking in snow.

Based in Aberdeenshire, Armanda loves to be outdoors, and enjoys having a connection with the countryside, and taking the time to appreciate the wildlife. She and Sergio have a five-year old son, and enjoy going hunting together when they get some free time. Armanda has a busy life; she is a deep massage therapist, and is currently at college in Aberdeen studying sports and fitness to become a personal trainer/aspiring yoga teacher. “Getting outdoors is great for easing stress, and keeping you fit.”

When they first started hunting, it was mostly smaller game, and they ate the game they shot. Armanda said, “I remember when my husband started shooting bigger game I had mixed feelings, but they weren't there when I was enjoying the delicious meal he just provided. I started asking myself: would I be able to do the same? Over the years, I have shot rabbits, pigeons, crows, foxes and pheasants.” 

Lady hunter with two roe deer bucks.
Armanda Couto with her two roe deer bucks.

“Apart from crows and foxes all the other meat comes to our table, there is a satisfaction in knowing where the meat comes from, especially nowadays where everything is mass produced.” 

Armanda shot her first two bucks in May 2017, “I was delighted both shots were perfect, that is one of the things that makes me feel like I did a good job as a hunter.”

Armanda takes pride in harvesting her own food, “It is something really precious because we know where our meat comes from. Hunting is a privilege, and it is not easy but that is the challenge; you need to outsmart the game. There's a right time for everything, I suppose!” she said.

“My husband is a proud hunter, I'm proud wife for having him teaching me to hunt in a respectful manner, and we nourish our bodies with the food we bring to the table. I say I go to the nature supermarket; sometimes you bring the meat, sometimes you bring photos.”

Armanda Couto loading the Sako carbon light 708.
Armanda Couto loading the Sako carbon light 708.

Armanda shoots with Aya No.4, 12 bore shotgun, and her rifle is a Sako Carbonlight 708 with a Schmidt & Bender 8x56 scope.

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