Exclusive world premiere: dual-mode thermal imaging camera from a cooperation between Noblex and Heimdall

At a presentation by Noblex and Heimdall, the all4shooters team was surprised with a world novelty: the two companies have entered a co-operation agreement to bring a dual-mode thermal image camera to the market. The camera comes up with many innovations that are not yet available on the optronics market: the dual-mode capability is particularly clear in the possibility of switching the device to a clip-on option by pressing the buttons. Likewise, the maximum from the France-manufactured 640x480 pixel Infra-HD sensor is extracted by a pin-sharp AMOLED display. In addition to all known color and contrast options, the device display can be perfectly optimized for its intended use. This is ensured by an automatic mode, a special hunting mode, a search mode and a city mode for highest contrast.

Lutz Belger from Noblex (left) and Matthias Ruckdeschel from Heimdall 
Lutz Belger from Noblex (left) and Matthias Ruckdeschel from Heimdall are looking forward to a long-term partnership.

A cooperation between Heimdall and Noblex

According to information from the two managing directors Lutz Belger (Noblex) and Matthias Ruckdeschel (Heimdall), the joint development of this device was a coincidence. Heimdall originally intended to have some parts for its planned thermal imaging device manufactured by Noblex. This resulted in a long-term partnership in the field of thermal imaging devices. According to the two managing directors, the philosophy of this partnership consists in bringing to the market a product manufactured in Germany with innovative technology and the highest quality standards.

This is not only demonstrated by the fact that all accessories, such as the bag, are made by German manufacturers, but also by the fact that a unique service is provided: while with many competitors customers with defective products must wait months for having their devices repaired, Noblex/Heimdall will offer an immediate replacement until your own equipment is repaired. In addition, both managers are planning regular firmware updates to keep the devices up-to-date.

Technology: AMOLED display and scope mode

To get the most out of the device's European sensor, the partners decided to equip it with an AMOLED display. In contrast to conventional LED technology, this technology offers two advantages: firstly, the hunter's night vision is hardly disturbed by the optics. On the other hand, the ability to show contrasts plays an outstanding role, especially with thermal devices. This feature is offered by a display featuring AMOLED technology.

A further special feature of the device is the possibility to convert it into a riflescope clip-on.  Noblex and Heimdall do not only use a specific part of the sensor, i.e. the one covered by the riflescope optics, but the complete pixel area. The result is a much higher resolution image than with comparable devices. And thus a better responsiveness and detectability of wild game.

Three push buttons of the Heimdall Fokus thermal imaging camera 
Three push buttons are enough to operate the Heimdall Fokus. 
Noblex and Heimdall dual-mode thermal imaging camera 
The 18650-type batteries are located left and right above the eyepiece. 

Noblex and Heimdall thermal imaging camera – all the facts

Heimdall Fokus thermal imaging camera
The Heimdall Fokus thermal imaging camera will only weigh about 17.6 oz / 500 g.

According to the manufacturers, two versions of the device will be available: a cheaper model and a more expensive one. The devices will weigh around 17.6 oz / 500 grams. They will also be factory calibrated. This ensures an optimal image result and the user can be dispensed with time-consuming calibration. The multifunctional interface of the devices, designed according to military standards, will not only serve as a possible power supply (in addition to the main supply: 18650-type rechargeable batteries) but will also serve as a connection for the exchange of image data, as a display connection and for updating the device.

Advance orders for this device will be accepted immediately. An RRP has not been determined yet – all4shooters.com will keep you informed. We will provide you with more information about the brand-new thermal imaging cameras as soon as we get them. Our test equipment has already been ordered and we hope for delivery by the end of October.

Weitere Infos zur Wärmebildkamera Fokus erhalten Sie auf den Internetseiten der Hersteller Noblex und Heimdall.

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