Video: Zamberlan Thyone, the lightweight technical boot for huntresses

Just finished the recovery of a beautiful chamois specimen shot by Vania, the happy epilogue of intense days in the mountains. 

The weather is clement on the beautiful late September days that see us busy among the ridges of the Rhaetian Alps in Austria on a few days of chamois and marmot hunting.

Constantly preceding us along the mountain trails is Vania, a passionate huntress from Asiago, Italy, who is here to experience a hunting vacation across the border. With a sure and fast pace, undoubtedly guided by the excitement of her hunting experience that we simply recount, Vania does not hide the fact that she feels very safe also thanks to the boots that are an indispensable accessory in these environments. Hunting is the protagonist of these days, but on the way we do not fail to observe many details that only days in the mountains can reveal, such as the test of the new Zamberlan Thyone women's boots that Vania wears.

Main features of the Thyone women's boots

Vania's consistently confident and rapid pace in different mountain environments showed us the technical features and qualities of Zamberlan Thyone boots designed for the anatomy of the female foot.  

The Thyone boot does not represent a repurposing of men's boots to women's lines, but footwear that was born from the study of the different anatomy of the female foot, which obviously corresponds to lower loads and pressures than male's one and requires a different structure.

A key feature of the Thyone boot is its light weight of only 480 grams. The soft suede leather upper provides flexibility in walking, and its thickness between 1.6 mm and 1.8 mm is evidence of the right compromise between strength and lightness. Protection from water, moisture and temperature excursions is provided by the gore-tex membrane and hydrobbloc outer treatment. The Vibram Starlite outsole cushions and absorbs shocks, while the fabric collar, soft footbed and elastic gusset facilitate a comfortable and secure fit. The pink accents are an homage to the female world and a useful high-visibility insert in the undergrowth. Increasing the safety and protection of the walk are the reinforced toe box and heel. Vania's swift and casual stride has punctually proved it to us among boulders, woods and streams. 

Sizes available for the Thyone boot range from 36 to 43 and include half sizes.

For more information please visit the Zamberlan website.

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