Zamberlan Cormons: test of the new boots available from August for the upcoming season

Lightweight for long walks, technical in the reinforcements, outsole and lining to allow the hunter to wear them until late winter: these are the new Cormons boots by Zamberlan, presented in this 2024 and ready for the coming season.

Details and features of the new Cormons boot from Zamberlan

Cormons boots have a soft upper that is easy to clean: we did that with Zamberlan products and the outer Hydrobloc treatment.

The design is sporty and with attention to detail, which can be seen in the special color of the nubuck-effect treated suede upper that is pleasing to the eye and soft to the touch, and the high-visibility inserts. The medium ankle height allows freedom of movement when rolling the foot, while the outsole of adequate width ensures stability. From the characteristics of flexibility and softness one would say that this is a boot suitable for both dynamic activities, such as those we carry out in hunting and dog handlng, and for the waiting situations that many types of hunting require, such as wild board driven hunts or stalking, where being able to rely on comfortable footweat is paramount. To the activities that can be enjoyed by taking advantage of the Cormons you can obviously add trekking, mushroom and/or truffle hunting, and more generally walks that the countryside, woodland and mid-mountain environments can suggest in the milder seasons until the arrival of the winter cold.

The Gore-Tex lining is also there to maintain thermoregulation in different climatic situations and ensure waterproofness and breathability. A protective rand around the edge of the boots makes them resistant to impact and rubbing on rocky ground and in the undergrowth. The Vibram outsole has a grip that has proven to be secure in the various terrains in which we have had the opportunity to wear the Cormons. The special outsole is also designed to quickly shed muddy debris during walking, facilitating both cleaning operations and above all preventing the accumulation of debris from making walking unstable or too tiring. Lightness is one of the strengths of the new Cormons boots, which weigh only 550 grams. The research work carried out by Zamberlan to give aesthetic and technical originality to its footwear seems to be confirmed with these boots, that we will continue to use in the field during the coming season and that will be available on the market for enthusiasts starting from next August.

For more information on the Cormons hunting boots please visit the Zamberlan website.

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