Zamberlan ULL GTX hunting boots – To enjoy winter in the mountains

The Duble Boa Fit System allows you to adjust lacing pressure, so thay you can tighten, loosen or remove the boots very easily.

Zamberlan ULL GTX Primaloft is a sturdy boot with a strong, tall construction to support the hunter's walk on rough mountain terrain where ice between rocks or muddy bottoms can be a common pitfall in winter. The fit of this model is practical and similar to that of a boot thanks to the lacing system that allows closure to be adjusted in a few moments. The technologies that must ensure stability in the walk for those who practice hunting on the move are combined with materials designed to provide comfort and warmth for those waiting for the right opportunity in the cold, such as ungulate hunters or those engaged in driven hunting. An all-around rubber rand provides lasting protection for both your foot and footwear. Thermal insulation properties, thanks to the waterproof upper with extra Primaloft insulation and Double BOA Fit System, make the ULL Primaloft boot suitable for static hunting in harsh climates. The special and practical adjustable closure system allows the fit and grip of the boot to be adjusted to different phases of hunting, also allowing ankle and calf movement.

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Zamberlan ULL GTX boots details

The upper of the ULL boots made of synthetic material is very durable, and the insulating Gore-Tex lining provides thermal insulation.

The synthetic upper is highly abrasion-resistant and allows you to tackle both underbrush vegetation and rocky terrain. The boot's fit is wide according to the Zamberlan Wite Fit design to provide the hunter with full and better foot support both on the move and while waiting.

The tread and outsole follow the Zamberlan Vibram StarTrek II design to provide firm grip and self-cleaning action while walking. Available in two different color combinations of camouflage and high-visibility, the ULL GTX Primaloft boots hava a modern design that can accommodate the different aesthetic tastes of hunters. The weight of about 965 grams is within the standard for a tall, protective boot for winter climates. The dual-density PU wedge ensures better grip and comfort also thanks to the TPU layer at the heel. The insulating GORE-TEX lining and durable edge with aluminum layer provide thermal insulation and water repellency so you can experience hunting in changing or more extreme weather conditions.


  • Synthetic upper with high abrasion resistance
  • Waterproof upper with additional Primaloft layer for extra insulation
  • 360-degree protection
  • Double BOA Fit System for fast, precise and effortless adjustments
  • Dual-density PU wedge and TPU layer in the heel area
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Great thermal insulation

The field test

We tried the Zamberlan ULL boots in various situations this past season, appreciating their thermoregulation on cold days that provides the hunter with the right warmth and concentration needed when waiting on high ground for example or during hunts that see him/her standing many hours while waiting for a chance. We also spent days on the move during dog training in the mountains at the end of winter where stability in walking on muddy or still icy ground was evident. The upper does not fear any kind of impact or rubbing with rocks or brambles. Zamberlan ULL is a very tough and durable boot and for this reason it might also inevitably be a bit stiff for those who want or need something softer while having to give up its high protective capacity. The details that emerged during the test lead us to call it an ideal boot for those who hunt on typical winter days in mountain environments. 

Zamberlan ULL GTX boots specs

Gore-Tex Insulated Comfort + Primaloft
Flex 4mm + PE + Aluminium Layer
Double density PU wedge + light TPU layer
Zamberlan Vibram Star Trek II
40-48 (and half sizes)
Zamberlan® Wide Fit

For more information on ULL GTX Primaloft boots please visit the Zamberlan website.

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