Zamberlan Salathé Trek boots: from plains to mountains, their features after 8 months

It was the kind of footwear expected by so many enthusiasts, offering the performance of a boot with the lightness and fit of a technical shoe. The synthesis of the two worlds has come with the Salathé Trek that Zamberlan presents to face the climatic and environmental needs of at least two seasons – but in our case so far a much longer period – before the need for a typical winter boot. For a lover of nature and hunting with two pairs of shoes it is therefore possible to experience safely all environments and climates throughout the year.

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Zamberlan Salathé Trek boots test

We tackled all kinds of terrain with the Salathé Trek boots, especially appreciating their light weight and snug fit. 

I started testing the Salathé Trek boots before they were even introduced to the public in March, during the first spring outings in the mountains. I continued with the same technical shoes all dog training activities in the summer period until I got to actual hunting in late August and in September, taking them with me even on the days I was away in the highlands of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Over the course of the same days humid climates and environments in the early morning gave way to high temperatures, and although flat, I always walked on rather hard or rough terrain. The agility with which I was always able to reach my dogs when they were pointing, covering even considerable distances in a few moments, was one of the most obvious advantages provided by the lightness of these boots, that in size 42 weigh just 450 grams.

As if that wasn't enough, at the end of September I also decided to tackle chamois hunting in the Italian Alps area, bringing with me not only Zamberlan's Guide model but also the Salathé Trek, which once again performed their function perfectly, getting me to the evening after days of backpacking never fatigued or sore. Again on that occasion jumping from boulder to boulder, crossing streams and climbing steep slopes was no problem. Not only that: to experience the same sensations with the same footwear in the female version, Loretta was also with me, an experienced companion in mountain hunting who was able to confirm especially with her swift and sure step the same characteristics I noticed in the boots. Now that the fall season enters its middle phase and hunting in the woods also begins, given the still high temperatures the Salathé continue to be my boots in use, at least until the excessive humidity of the ground and the cold weather force me to wear a taller, structured and inevitably heavier boot.

Salathé Trek: softness, lightness and safety

The Recco reflector system sewn inside the footwear is a guarantee of safety for hunters facing rugged mountain environments. 

Eye-catching in design, the Salathé Trek are aptly described by Zamberlan as footwear that can be appreciated from the car up to the top of the mountains. Sporty and available in a variety of colors for both men and women, they are well suited not only for hunting but also for casual and sporty mountain wear. The suede upper is soft and flexible, while padded fiber inserts in the collar and gusset complete the overall comfort of the shoe both in the fit and during movement. Lacing all the way to the toe makes the fit snug and stable, and the wrap-around shape is suitable for those who prefer a precise fit that is not wide-bottomed. The Gore-Tex inner lining and Hydrobloc treatment allow them to cross wet environments or small streams. The height of the Salathé Trek is just right above the malleolus to offer adequate protection, but not excessive enough to compromise the lightness of the shoe.

The not-too-high Vibram sole provides a dual-density design and compound that is particularly grippy and easy to keep clean of mud or small rocks. The protective band that reaches from the toe to the heel ensures that the Salathé Trek are properly resistant to scratches, impacts, and also more durable. The great attention to safety with which these boots were designed can also be seen in the important built-in Recco safety system. Like mountaineering, hunting is an activity that often takes place in inaccessible places and not infrequently in solitude. The Recco reflector system usually present in technical mountaineering footwear, allows the hunter to be easily spotted by rescuers in case of difficulty or injury. Difficult to find so many appreciable features and such a positive level of reliability in such a lightweight shoe, so let's wait for the arrival of cold weather to finally replace our Salathé Trek.

Salathé Trek specs

Salathé Trek
Hydrobloc suede
Upper Thickness:
1.6 - 1.8 mm
Gore-Tex Extended Comfort
nylon 1.5 mm
Dual-density molded EVA
Vibram Pepe with MEGAGRIP
Size Range:
38 to 48 and half sizes
Weight (Half Pair):
480 g (size 42)
Zamberlan X-Active Fit

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