Zamberlan Cormons: new sporty and lightweight boots for hunting and trekking

Beautiful: the first comment that the new Zamberlan Cormons boots suggest to the eye, with their sporty design and well-matched natural colours, is simple but straightforward.

Details and features of the new Zamberlan Cormons boot

The soft collar and suede upper ensure comfort and freedom of movement while the rand reinforcement protect against shocks and scratches.

The medium ankle height and the selection of the materials used make the bootd very light and soft-fitting, flexible in the central section and comfortable both for tackling long marches in wandering hunts and taking advantage of their stability in the sometimes very long waits in stalking hunting.

Presented by Zamberlan in view of the upcoming summer season, the Cormons boots can be used throughout most of the year and the hunting season, from hill to mid-mountain environments, except for the typically colder winter days when a different thickness and height may be required to be worn. Needless to say, in addition to hunting and dog-handling activities, Cormons are technically and aesthetically pleasing footwear that can satisfy nature and outdoor enthusiasts on any other occasion, from simple mushroom and truffle picking to the most demanding trekking.

The Vibram outsole of the new Cormons features a gripping and self-cleaning thread.

The upper of the Cormons boots is made of suede with a special Nubuck-effect treatment, which is soft and flexible when walking and easy to clean. The Gore-Tex lining maintains thermoregulation in different climatic situations and ensures waterproofing and breathability.

A protective rand around the perimeter makes the boots resistant to impact and rubbing on rocky ground and in undergrowth. The Vibram outsole has been developed to ensure a secure grip on different types of terrain with a design that facilitates normal cleaning and the removal of muddy debris that can make walking unstable or heavy.

The weight of the new Cormons does not exceed 550 grams and confirms the research work carried out by Zamberlan to offer technical and versatile footwear capable of making the adventures of enthusiasts safe and enjoyable.

We will come back to tell you about this new product at the end of our field tests, which we have obviously already begun.

For more information on the new Cormons boots please visit the Zamberlan website.

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