Zamberlan Hunter Evo: boots for winter hunting in the hills and mountains

Winter is here and the hunter usually puts away the lighter boots he used during the autumn to wear the ones he/she will end the season with. These are the most intense months in which the climate makes no concessions and conditions become more challenging in every environment. For those who love walked-up hunting with dogs, grip is always an essential requirement for safety in muddy terrain or when the ice makes it dangerous, while for those who are waiting for their chance in driven hunting or from a blind, cold is the most feared adversary, and in immobility it can become a constant condition and a threat to health. For these reasons and these situations, Zamberlan has provided us with the Hunter Evo boot that we tested by trying its softness and comfort during winter hunting.

Video: Zamberlan Hunter Evo, mountain hunting test

Zamberlan Hunter Evo: features and details

Zamberlan Hunter Evo: boots
Comfort and thermoregulation are the strong points of the Hunter Evo that provides a wide last fit and thermal insulation thanks to the Gore-Tex lining.

Designed specifically for mountain and hill hunting in winter, the Hunter Evo boots show excellent grip on steep and rough terrain. The Zamberlan Vibram Darwin outsole provides the right grip on different surfaces thanks to its special design and, thanks to the Wide Last fit, it provides more comfort and more space in the front to move your toes. Finally, the rubber toe cap and the wide protective band that these boots are equipped with further protect your foot from rocks and obstacles. The Gore-Tex Insulated Comfort lining provides perfect thermal insulation and waterproofing in low temperatures and when water and snow are present. Protective and rugged, this footwear features a Flex-System joint at the ankle that facilitates toe off during walking. The soft upper of the Hunter Evo GTX boots is made of full-grain leather with Hydrobloc water repellent treatment and ensures excellent control of the internal microclimate of the foot.

Zamberlan Hunter Evo boots specs

Hunter Evo
Upper:  Full grain leather with Hydrobloc treatment
Upper Thickness: 
2.4 mm-2.6 mm
Gore-Tex Insulated Comfort
Flex 4 mm  + PE (Wide Last)
Double density PU Wedge
Zamberlan Vibram Darwin WL

For more information on the Hunter Evo boots please visit the Zamberlan website.

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