Zamberlan Artemis, the new summer hunting boot

The wait for the return to hunting always seems endless, in that sort of temporal limbo between the end of winter and the arrival of spring, when hunters are lulled by the memories of the season that has just ended. Then it happens in a moment, and punctually the summer comes with its colors and its long days to remind us that it is time to get ready because the intense hours to share with friends and dogs are approaching. The excitement is shared not only by hunters, but obviously also by those who work constantly for hunting and outdoors.

Among the products that Zamberlan decided to design for the new season, we would like to talk about the Artemis boot, a model that we had the opportunity to test right away during the first days of training with dogs in mostly hilly environments.

Features of the Zamberlan Artemis hunting boots

Zamberlan Artemis new summer hunting boot
Breathable and water-repellent, the Artemis boots also adapt to wet terrain thanks to the Hydrobloc treatment and Gore-Tex lining.

The Zamberlan Artemis boots have a classic design, with the typical green and brown colors that characterize technical footwear designed for hunting and dog enthusiasts, featuring a height that in this model reaches the ankle to offer greater lightness and freedom of movement.

Details make the difference for a precise and secure fit during use, such as the self-locking side hook and the reinforced toe cap to absorb shocks and protect the front of the foot in the most impervious and rocky terrain. The leather and Cordura upper is approximately 2.2 mm thick. The Hydrobloc treatment coupled to the internal Gore-Tex lining protects the boot from water leaking while ensuring breathability. We can confirm that, having crossed watercourses during our outings in these hot summer days enjoying the pleasant and refreshing feel provided by the cold water in contact with the boot without any water getting inside.

The Artemis boot doesn't reach 24.7 oz/700 grams of weight, confirming to be light and flexible during the walk, a fundamental aspect in order not to fatigue the hunter in the summer heat and in the long distances. Outsole and tread are Vibram, ensuring a good grip and – together with the  Zamberlan Comfort Fit footbeds – a greater stability during movement too. We at all4hunters are satisfied with the first results provided by the Zamberlan Artemis boot in the field. We are waiting for the rest of the season to get all the definitive positive responses that Zamberlan has accustomed us to over the years. The Artemis boots are available in sizes 37 to 48 including half sizes. 

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Zamberlan Artemis new summer hunting boot
The Vibram outsole, the reinforced toe cap and the Comfort Fit footbeds allow a precise fit, protection and safety of movement while walking.

Details and useful advice from Zamberlan

In order to maintain the high performance and waterproofness of the boots, Zamberlan recommends the periodic application of Hydrobloc spray.

In recent years Zamberlan has paid particular attention to the development of technical socks to optimize the comfort and performance of boots with similar characteristics.

The use of Forest socks is recommended with the Artemis boot. 

For more information on the Artemis boot please visit the Zamberlan website

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