F.A.I.R. SRL 802 over-and-under shotgun - 3 new versions for clay shooting: Trap, Skeet, Sporting

Clay pigeon shooting is one of those sports that rewards fans' constant commitment with fun. Undoubtedly, this sport helps young people to manage concentration and responsibility, with the opportunity to find great satisfaction and teachings that will remain and come in handy in many areas away from the range. For those who want to try or begin to undertake shooting disciplines, F.A.I.R. conceived the Master over-and-under, a solid gun, sober in appearance, that can be the first choice of aspiring shooters or the companion on the stand for enthusiasts who do not expect the same level of guns designed for professionals such as the over-and-unders in the two lines Carrera and Racing, with more features and the possibility to customize them starting from the stock, which can make the difference in a competition. Based on the Master model, the SRL 802 is an intermediate shotgun with the same technical specifications as the Master over-and-under, but with a more refined look for those who appreciate the elegance of a firearm even in sporting activities. A refined gun available in three different variants according to the shooting discipline for which it is intended. 

The SRL 802 over-and-under in the Sporting variant
The SRL 802 over-and-under in the Sporting variant features barrels with 12/76 mm chambers, barrel lengths of 71, 76 and 81 cm and a set of 12/70 mm Technichoke Sporting XP70 interchangeable chokes.

Technical details: F.A.I.R. SRL 802 over-and-under shotgun for Trap, Skeet and Sporting. Barrel length, available calibers and chokes

The three variants of the over-and-under SRL 802 are: SRL 802 Trap, SRL 802 Skeet and SRL 802 Sporting, available in 12 and 20 gauges, with scaled-to-gauge actions. Unlike the Master model, in the SRL 802 over-and-under we find side plates without screws, embellished by an elegant floral motif engraving and a quality oil finished select walnut stock, with an embedded brass oval where the owner may add his/her initials.

The golden trigger guard and the the pistol grip are large, with the stock ending in a rubber recoil pad to absorb recoil. The barrels of the SRL 802 over-and-under with the X-Cones system contribute to reduce felt recoil and also to better shot patterns, with an elongated and less steep forcing cone between the chambers and the receiver. Barrel chamber sizes are the usual 2 12/70 mm for Trap and Skeet versions and 12/76 mm for the Sporting version, which already incluldes interchangeable 12/70 mm Technichoke Sporting XP70 chokes.

The barrel lengths available are 30”/76 cm for the Trap variant, 26”/66 cm and 28”/71 cm for the over-and-under intended for Skeet, and 28”/71 cm, 30”/76 cm and 32”/81 cm for the Sporting model.  The cartridge case ejection is automatic with long-stroke ejectors and the trigger, which is obviously a single type, can be adjustable on request. The blued and pierced opening lever suits the aesthetics of the gun. The F.A.I.R. SRL 802  over-and-under, like all the competition models, comes from F.A.I.R. in a V500SP thermoformed case, pleasing to the eye and suitable for the safe transport of the firearm while travelling.  

The recommended retail price in Italy is 2287 euro for the trap and skeet versions and 2457 euro for the sporting version. For countries other than Italy, availability and prices may be different.

For further details and information please visit the F.A.I.R. website or contact the manufacturer.


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