Walther Maximathor and Torminathor PCP air rifles, by UMAREX

UMAREX introduced the Walther Maximator and Thorminator air rifles at the 2016 IWA OutdoorClassics
The Umarex company introduced the Walther Maximathor and Torminathor PCP air rifles at the IWA show in Nuremberg, Germany

The Umarex company boosted its line of Walther-branded air rifles with the launch of two PCP (pre-compressed pneumatic) high-power air rifles.

The Walther Torminathor wooden-stock air rifle sports a 300 BAR, quick-fill air canister with a built-in pressure gauge, feeding through detachable magazines and feeding an XT adjustable first-stage double-stage trigger; it is about one meter long and 4,1 kilograms heavy, and available in 4,5mm/.177 caliber – offering a 7,5 Joule or 28 Joule muzzle energy level – and in 5,5mm/.22 caliber with a muzzle energy of 40 Joule.

The Walther Maximathor carbine is essentially identical to the Torminathor, except for the 200 BAR air canister, the available calibers and the power threshold: it comes in a 5,5mm/.22 version, offering a 60 Joule muzzle energy level, and in a 6,35mm/.22 model with a muzzle energy level exceeding 70 Joule. Both the Torminathor and the Maximathor sport a noise signature moderator at the muzzle and an optics rail.

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