Exclusive video: Sabatti STR Sport and FC rifles – A  pair of aces for long range sport shooting

The new STR Sport shooting rifle has in common with the previous model only the name. Having retired the previous version, built on the Sabatti Rover action, the new STR is built around the Blizzard action, with a three-lug bolt and a 60-degree bolt throw. Bolt and receiver are machined from a single billet of special high strength steel while the bolt handle knob is easily replaceable by the shooter thanks to a 5/16" thread. The bolt is heat treated, chrome lined and rectified to ensure maximum smoothness and quiet operation on the contact surfaces. A new 17-4PH steel extractor is mounted on the bolt, offering superior levels of strength and safety when using high and ultra-high pressure loads.

Video: Sabatti STR Sport rifle – We present the new 2021 models (select ENG subtitles)

Sabatti STR Sport: a new aluminum chassis

the Sabatti STR Sport rifle
In the foreground, the Sabatti STR Sport rifle; in the background, the FC version, designed for F-Class shooting competitions.

The main feature of the new Sabatti STR Sport is the new, completely redesigned Ergal-55 aluminum alloy chassis. The chassis is available in two versions: with a standard sporting forearm featuring M-LOK slots and Arca-Swiss rail, or with a wide and flat forearm, ideal for F-Class long-range precision shooting competitions, featuring Anschutz rail and attachments for various types of bipods and accessories. The stock, too, has been redesigned: non-foldable, skeletonized to keep overall weight down, with adjustable cheek riser and Bag Rider support on the lower surface.

Video: Sabatti STR Sport and FC rifles – A pair of aces for long range sport shooting
The Sabatti STR is built around the Blizzard action.

The STR Sport rifle features a cold-hammer forged barrel with Sabatti's proprietary MRR multi-radial rifling, capable of providing superior accuracy, ease of cleaning and total absence of bullet deformation. MRR barrels resist overheating, last longer and are more accurate than normal Match barrels, allowing excellent results even with the most common commercial ammo.

The barrel of the STR Sport model is 25.9”/660 mm long with a muzzle diameter of 0.86”/22 mm, while on the STR Sport FC version the barrel is 27.9”/710 mm long with a muzzle diameter of 1.1”/28 mm.

The rifle is fitted with a Picatinny rail, coupled as standard directly to the action, for the mounting of target scopes; the trigger is the Sabatti three-lever Match type and the rifle feed through detachable Accuracy International (AICS) compatible magazines. Retail prices start at 1989 euros.

Sabatti STR Sport bolt-action rifle: specs and price

Sabatti S.p.A
STR Sport – STR FC
Bolt-action rifle
Calibers and Rifling Twist:
.308 Winchester (1:11"), 6.5x47 Lapua (1:8"), 6.5 Creedmoor (1:8")
Three-levers Match type
AICS box
None, Picatinny slide
Barrel Length:  
25.9”-27.9” (66 cm-71 cm) with MRR rifling
Overall Length: 
45.66”-47.63” (1160-1210 mm)
Weight (empty): 
14.33 lb/6.5 kg
Receiver, action and barrel – steel; stock – Ergal 55 aluminum alloy
Brown satin finish on all metal surfaces, black or red chassis
From 1989 euro (price may be different in your country)

For more information on the new STR Sport rifle please visit the Sabatti website.

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