Sabatti “Tactical”

Sabatti “Tactical-L” rifle
Sabattiʼs “Tactical L” rifle features a fully adjustable laminated wood stock

The name of the Sabatti guns factory, headquartered in the northern Italian town of Gardone Val Trompia, is well known between European long-range shooters. Its high-quality, high performance products are crafted with the best quality in mind and always keeping an eye on typical Italian style, and they go for a fairly low price if compared with other guns of the same category.

Sabatti “Tactical-S” rifle
Sabattiʼs “Tactical” line also features a Nylon stock version, the S model

New from Sabatti for the year 2012 are the “Tactical” series rifles, all built around the most stringent needs of civilian, competitive long-range shooters and Police marksmen alike. The baseline model of the series, dubbed the Tactical L, features a totally adjustable laminated stock, a Match trigger and a 610mm or 650mm barrel with either conventional or radial rifling, coming in either matte black or satin finish and with either a 22mm or 27mm muzzle. The Sabatti “Tactical L” bolt-action rifle comes in .222 Remington, 6,5x55mm, .308-Winchester, .300 Winchester Magnum and 6,5x47mm Lapua calibers, and features a 20 (30) MOA Picatinny base for optics and a Weaver interface for bipod. Overall weight for the "Tactical L" ranges from 4.8 to 5.5 Kilograms.

Sabatti “Tactical-F” rifle
The “Tactical-F” variant, with its distinctive line, has been conceived mainly for BR competitions

Totally akin under most points of view, the Tactical S version features a reinforced Nylon stock with 40% added fibreglass and an adjustable butt and cheekpiece. Available calibers and other technical specs remain the same, exception made for the overall weight, which ranges from 5.3 to 5,7 Kilograms. The “Tactical S” stock is proudly 100% Made in Italy.

Sabatti “Tactical-F” rifle
Typical of the “Tactical-F” model is a McMillan-style fibreglass stock

Last, the Tactical F variant, dedicated to Bench Rest shooters, sports a McMillan-type fibreglass stock. All other features stay the same ‒ a proof of how versatile and universally reliable the Sabatti system may be. The Sabatti “Tactical” series rifles have been made available on the international markets only recently. All inquiries and orders should be placed directly with the company. Pricing for all models is available on the manufacturer's website (all prices are in Euros).