FX Airguns Impact M3: the PCP air rifle at the top of power and versatility  

The new M3 version takes this already top product to another level with its Power Plenum 720 tank and new side cocking lever. The rifle comes with a built-In shroud system with additional moderator. A conversion kit and some accessories such as a chronograph are also available.

Other features of the Impact M3 rifle include a spring-operated aluminum rotary removable magazine, match-type trigger with release weight adjustable between 700 and 400 grams, and 480 cc carbon fiber wrapped air tank. Available barrel lengths are 500 mm (Compact version), 600 mm (Standard) and 700 mm (Sniper). The .35/9mm caliber rifle features an 800 mm barrel. The polymer stock is AR15-style with Hogue pistol grip. Multiple accessory Picatinny rails can be found at sides and bottom. 

FX Impact M3, a fully adjustable full-power air rifle

On the left side of the receiver is the refined "Quick Tune System".

On the left side of the Impact M3 we find a wheel that operates the "Quick Tune System", which is one of the most substantial upgrades to the Impact M3. This system, that can be adjusted without any tools, includes everything shooters need to fine-tune the accuracy of their rifle. You can adjust the rifle air pressure via the dual regulators, how long the stays open with the front valve adjuster, and now even adjust the strength of the hammer with the completely redesigned Micro and Macro fine adjustments. The rear Macro Power Wheel is a 16-step power wheel that adjusts the hammer spring tension in increments of 5-15 FPS (depending on caliber and reg pressure). This works in conjunction with the Micro Fine Adjustment that tunes the hammer strength in incredibly small increments of just 1-2 fps with each click of the barrel roller, all at your fingertips. As the manufacturer claims, “the combination of these is unrivaled in the world of airguns”.

There are many other enhancements that include an ambidextrous short-throw cocking lever with enlarged handle, tightened barrel housing tolerances to provide better accuracy, an updated trigger that provides extremely a crisp second stage break while allowing the trigger post to move forward or backward, 20 MOA built into the scope rail, Dual Wika manometers, and an abundance of forthcoming accessories.

The 480 cc air tank is carbon fiber wrapped. Available barrel lengths are 500 mm (Compact version), 600 mm (Standard) and 700 mm (Sniper).

Five calibers from 4.5 to 9 mm – and lots of power

The FX Impact M3 rifle is available in .177/4.5mm, .22/5.5mm, .25/6.35mm, .30/7.62mm and .35/9mm calibers with muzzle energy ranging from 47 joules up to 211 joules. Given the energy involved, it rightfully belongs to the "full power" category.

FX Airguns Impact M3 spec and price

FX Airguns
Impact M3
.177/4.5mm, .22/5.5mm, .25/6.35mm, .30/7.62mm and .35/9mm
PCP air rifle, 250 Bar with pressure regulator
Magazine Capacity:
34 shots in .177, 28 shots in .22, 25 shots in .25, 23 shots in .30, 18 shots in .35 
Barrel Length:
500, 600 or 700 mm (800 mm for .35 cal. only) 
3.1 - 3.5 kg
Polymer with Hogue pistol grip
Two-stage, adjustable
Cocking Lever:
On the receiver
On the stock side 
Starting from around 2,000 euro
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