Browning A-Bolt Target

One look at the Browning A-Bolt Target’s barrel will tell buyers that this model is produced by the group subsidiary Miroku in Japan. The US-branch in Morgan/Utah manufactures it there especially for the domestic market. The match rifle comes to Germany via The Duke in Remscheid, specialized in US-weapons. 

The test rifle chambered to .223 Remington presented impeccable credentials for the shooting range: the match barrel with recessed muzzle crown, 71 centimeter long and 23 millimeter thick at the muzzle. In addition a satin finish gray laminate wood stock, with a wide fore-end and height-adjustable comb at the butt. Non-slip checkering on the contact surfaces of the hand protection and pistol grip, pleasantly soft rubber butt plate, sling swivel studs for attaching a bipod.

Browning A Bolt Target
The comb of the Browning A-Bolt Target, designed for sports shooting, can be adjusted in height by loosening an Allen screw
Browning A Bolt Target
The bolt of the A-Bolt lies between the bolt handle and the lugs in a guide sleeve whose outer profile matches the bolt head. This sleeve remains stationary when the head with the three lugs locks into the receiver
Browning A Bolt Target
Smart: the Browning A-Bolt Target has a hinged cover magazine where the cartridge box

The magazine takes five cartridges and represents a combination of a hinged cover and removable box magazine. Once swung out, the cartridge box clipped to the cover is withdrawn, making for easier loading and unloading. 

The three-lug bolt slide moved with minimal resistance through the sleeve into which it also locks. Requiring merely a short and velvety soft travel, the trigger was crisp and clean. The trigger weight felt significantly less than the almost 3 kilos measured

The trigger can be reset to 1500 grams after dismantling the guard. The "heavy beast" was calm and shot like a small bore match rifle.

The buyer gets an excellent match rifle here for less than €1,700. 


Range of uses for the Browning A-Bolt Target

The Browning A-Bolt Target meets all the expectations of a good match rifle. The BROWNING A-Bolt is less suited for hunting, for police and military

The Browning A-Bolt Target Overview:

Browning A-Bolt Target 
€ 1.690
.223 Remington
5 + 1 cartridges
Barrel lenght: 
710 mm (rifling 1:8")
Total lenght:
1.217 mm
Trigger weight:
2.930 g
5.150 g

Features: three-lug bolt, match stock with adjustable comb, 28" match barrel, hinged cover magazine with removable box, mounting holes

Shooting test Browning A-Bolt Target 


Factory cartridge
52 grs Remington MK BTHP
20 mm
52 grs Sellier & Bellot Match
21 mm
55 grs GECO Target
23 mm
69 grs Lapua HPBT
19 mm
69 grs RWS Target Elite Plus
15 mm

Remarks: Grouping = five-shot groups, shot sitting from the bench rest support at 100 m distance, reported in millimeters, measured from the shot-hole centers. Bracketed values after subtraction of an outlier

Abbreviations / bullet codes: BTHP: Boat Tail Hollow Point, HPBT: Hollowpoint Boat Tail

Visier Evaluation of the BROWNING A-Bolt Target

Visier EvaluationPoints 
Precision (max. 50 points)
50 points
Stock (max. 10 p.)
9 points
Trigger (max. 10 p.)
8 points
Magazine/Handling (max. 5 p.)
5 points
Sight (max. 5 p.)
4 points
Receiver/Function (max. 10 p.)
9 points
Finishing (max. 10 p.)
9 points
Total points (max. 100 p.)
94 points
Test result
6 of 6 commendations

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