Test: WWSD2020 in .223 Remington – “What Would Stoner Do”- the AR-15 that leaves you speechless

The history of Eugene Stoner's projects is well known to those in the industry. What has been developed by Brownells with this rifle is something exceptional and truly astonishing. The philosophy behind the project is simple – in theory, at least: "What would the AR-15 have looked like if Stoner had designed it with 2020 materials and manufacturing techniques?" The answer is in the next few lines.

Video: Brownells WWSD2020 AR-15 rifle test

WWSD2020, top components and state-of-the-art materials

The long carbon-fiber handguards prevents any contact between the 16-inch barrel and the shooter's hands and offers many grip options.

In addition to the outward appearance that already heralds and points out notable engineering details including a one-piece polymer component including the stock, pistol grip, and the lower receiver where we find a generously flared magazine well, we note a lightened trigger with a sporty, aggressive design. This hints that there is an excellent trigger package inside, and you only have to dry fire it to tell: there is in fact an SLT-1 trigger from Sear Link Technology that provides a crisp, lightweight pull. The trigger is a closed type and you can also appreciate its contrasting color.

On the Brownells WWSD2020 we fitted a Circle Dot sight from Holosun featuring a center red dot surrounded by a ring.

Looking then quickly forward along the WWSD2020, one is fascinated by the carbon fiber handguard with MLOK interfaces on all sides.

Inside the handguard is a very thin 16-inch (40.64-centimeter) steel barrel with 1:7 twist manufactured by Faxon Firearms, ending with a titanium flash hider.

The barrel is a key feature of the WWSD, because it has unique accouterments essential to ensure accuracy even when overheated after many shots.

The Brownells WWSD2020 by Ke Arms is incredibly easy to handle and lightweight, thanks to the weight less than 2.5 kg, but recoil is not punishing at all.
The Brownells WWSD2020 semi-automatic rifle features a monolithic polymer receiver.

Controls are fully ambidextrous, and there is a Picatinny rail at the top for mounting red dot sights or various optics. Quick-release sling attachments are on the stock. The rifle uses a direct impingement operating system, and the bolt assembly manufactured by Young Manufacturing under HM Defense/HMB patent features a smooth polished chrome finish contrasting with the black receiver.

If we strip the rifle by pulling out the takedown pin, we notice that there is a lot of technology in the stock. The JP Silent Capture buffer assembly that provides reliable operation can be noted: when the rifle is stripped, the trigger group housed in the polymer lower and the bolt assembly in the metal upper receiver can also be seen. At the rear of the stock there is a small compartment with an automatic cover for storing cleaning products or tools.

On the lower receiver, the manual safety acts as a well-sized, ambidextrous and easily accessible selector. On the carbon fiber handguard, which is octagonal in shape, countless accessories can be mounted at different angles. The rifle is designed so that it dissipates recoil well, and although the weight is quite low (The WWSD2020 weighs only 2.25 kilograms unloaded), you can handle it with ease and nice feelings.

To further reduce weight, the old-fashioned forward assist is not provided.

You can use the classic magazines designed for AR-15 platforms, either polymer or metal ones. For our test we used various models from different brands without any problems. 

A detail on the trigger blade of the excellent trigger group manufactured by U.S. specialist Sear Link Technology. 
The flash hider is conventional in shape, but is made of titanium to save weight.

WWSD2020: shooters' reactions

Besides the appearance, what's surprising for AR-15 platform users is that all shooters who picked up the WWSD2020 in .223 Rem. were impressed as they did not expect handling and weight to be so low. The most frequently asked question was, "Is this rifle real?" The answer: well, yes. This beautiful, accurate and technologically advanced semi-automatic rifle weighs just over two kilograms.

Test firing the WWSD2020 with GECO and Fiocchi ammunition

For our test, we used GECO Target cartridges with 63-grain bullet and Fiocchi "Carabina Tiro" cartridges with 55-grain bullet.

For the test we used two ammo types, the 55 gr/3.56 g Fiocchi FMJ and the 63 gr/4.1 g GECO Target. We engaged various targets ad different ranges. The WWSD2020 rifle performed excellently in an environment that reproduced the engagement distances typical of urban settings.

Gallery shooting test: on the right the two widest hits, from a 100-meter distance, on the left the very tight group from 50 meters.

We then moved on to the longer-range firing lines, where we shot at 50 and 100 meters: having mounted a red dot sight on the rifle, we did not want to shoot further. Here, by simply supporting the magazine base, groupings were excellent, all inside the long range target. Searching the Web, you can find evidence of shooting with the WWSD2020, equipped with conventional optics even at longer distances, up to over 500 meters.

The Brownells WWSD2020 didn't show any problem, always cycling perfectly with both commercial ammo from different brands and reloads.

Wrapping up, the .223 Rem. Brownells WWSD2020 we tested is a sporting rifle that stands out for the quality of materials, design, lightweight and accuracy.

Brownells WWSD2020 technical specifications:

WWWSD 2020 (by Ke Arms LLC) / distributed by Brownells
.223 Remington
Barrel length:
16”/406 mm
Upper Receiver:
Overall Length:
1,070 mm
Magazine Capacity:
30 rounds
2.25 kg
None, Picatinny rail for optics
Price:2499.- € (reference: Brownells DE; price may vary in your country); MSRP in the US is 1699 USD
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