EnforceTac 2022 in Nuremberg: the trade fair for professional firearms users is back – Here is the first info

The demanding tasks of security experts from law enforcement, judiciary, border guards, customs, military police and armed forces require state-of-the-art equipment and training so that the forces are protected against injury in the best possible way. In addition to weapons, weapons accessories, communications and optoelectronics, as well as tactical equipment and special vehicles, exhibitors at EnforceTac will therefore also present operational clothing such as plate carriers, protective vests, body armor and helmets, as well as education and training systems. At the European Policetrainers Conference (EPTC), members of agencies with security duties can not only exchange technical information, but also receive further training in theory and practice. In addition to the exhibition, the EPTC together with the specialist conference "Drones as tactical means of operation" organized by UAV DACH form a high-quality and attractive supporting program. It will probably not be possible to ignore the current political, international situation; in this respect, EnforceTac will also serve as a platform for professional exchange. 

EnforceTac 2022 – A  ten-year success story

Originating from the day traditionally resered to government agencies at the beginning of each IWA OutdoorClassics, EnforceTac looks back on a long tradition. The growing interest in an international, but above all discreet, exchange on law enforcement, security and tactical equipment led in 2012 to the premiere of Enforce Tac as an independent, closed special exhibition in the NürnbergMesse exhibition center. And as in every year, the team of all4shooters.com is one of the few approved trade journalist teams to report to you directly from exhibition hall 12 in text, pictures and video what there is to see there in terms of new products, projects and new trends for the "professionals". 

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Heckler & Koch: HK 433 rifle now ready for series production

The HK433 is now ready for production and will be available in .300 Blk as well as 5.56x45. In addition to Flat Dark Earth, the rifle will also be available in Onyx Black and Sniper Grey colors.

Heckler & Koch was certainly one of the booths where there was always something going on. The product portfolio of the German manufacturer was wide-ranging, and the HK 433 was certainly the center of attention. The latest newest assault rifle from Oberndorf has finally reached production readiness. The stock is adjustable in length and the cheek rest is adjustable in height. The stock can also be folded down to make the rifle more manageable. In addition to the magazine paddle-style release, as known for example from the G36, the "push button" release can also be selected. The available barrel lengths will be 11"/279 mm, 14.5"/368 mm and 16.5"/419 mm. In addition to the 5.56x45 caliber, the latest assault rifle with the two red letters will also be available in .300 Blk.

The HK SFP 9 SK OR, now also intended for red dot sights: shown here with a special version of the Holosun SCS with titanium housing, which can be inserted directly into the slide without adapter plates.

After the American counterpart to the SFP (or VP9) pistol was already shown at the SHOT Show as a subcompact version with "Optic Cut", it was only a matter of time before this new sight design, which brings some advantages, would also be found on the smaller SFP. 

The subcompact version of the Heckler & Koch striker-fired pistol called SFP 9 SK OR also comes with interchangeable backstraps as well as a magazine with a capacity of 10-9mm Luger rounds. Various adapter plates are available to accommodate a wide range of micro red dot sights that are now on the market.Heckler & Koch: HK 433 rifle now ready for series production

Beretta shows "The Genesis", the civilian version of the Next Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW)

Beretta "The Genesis", the civilian version of the Next Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW).

Genesis is the name of the civilian version of the NGSW rifle with bullpup design that shortens the overall length, and set up for True Velocity ammunition. Beretta USA is partnering with ammunition manufacturer True Velocity on Project XM-277, as all4shooters.com previously reported, for the U.S. "Next Generation Squad Weapon" selection process. 

...and this is what the composite cartridges from True Velocity look like - here as dummies, of course.

From the January joint press release, “True Velocity subsidiary LoneStar Future Weapons (LSFW) is the prime contractor in the team’s bid for NGSW, intended to replace the currently-fielded 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge and the M4 carbine and M249 Squad Automatic Weapon that fire it. Beretta USA will assist LSFW and True Velocity with production, assembly and testing of key components of the RM277 rifle and automatic rifle submitted as part of the NGSW bid. Both weapons are configured to fire True Velocity’s proprietary 6.8TVCM composite-cased cartridge.”

At EnforceTac, all4shooters.com editor Tino Schmidt was now able to examine the civilian version of the Beretta rifle, the new Genesis, now a semi-auto rifle, and the True Velocity ammo too.

FN Herstal: FN Elity Ballistic Calculator for the military and snipers

The new FN Elity, a ballistic computer with state-of-the-art technology.
FN Ballistic Calculator: all data can be called up via app using the AFS Ballistic Solver, which in turn communicates with the FN Elity.

The new FN Elity Ballistic Calculator is designed primarily for military or sniper weapons of any caliber and for observational scopes. The calculation system maximizes first hit probability at long range, day and night. The FN Elity is the result of a fruitful collaboration between two highly qualified companies in their respective fields of expertise: FN Herstal, one of the world's leading defense companies, and Canadian company ApexO, which specializes in ballistic development and computer-oriented solutions. The FN Elity is equipped with a latest-generation laser rangefinder capable of measuring a human-sized target at ranges of up to 1,750 meters, and ApexO's AFS Ballistic Solver, which can calculate relevant and accurate ballistic corrections, wind speed and direction. All this information is displayed on a state-of-the-art OLED screen. In addition to the ability to adjust the target, the FN Elity also offers the possibility of fine and multiple aiming thanks to integrated IR and visible laser pointers and an IR illuminator. Environmental sensors (humidity, temperature, pressure, slope, altitude...) complete the functions. For more info, visit this website.

Nextorch: professional oStar headlamp with headband and NVG mounting plate

Nextorch oStar
Suitable for professional use: the new Nextorch oStar LED headlamp offers high performance, is very rugged and can be put on using a headband or attached directly to helmets using the NVG mount. 

After the T20L tactical emergency flashlight for law enforcement presented at SHOT Show 2022, Nextorch, a company specializing in compact high-performance flashlights, already has the next light in its luggage at IWA 2022: the oStar is a rugged headlamp that is suitable for both professional and private use. Wearing comfort and flexible use played central roles in the development of the Nextorch oStar: on an unhelmeted head, the headlamp is attached by means of an elastic band that is divided at the level of the back of the head. This distributes the pressure of the band over a much larger area, which, in addition to improved stability, makes wearing the headlamp much more comfortable. The oStar thus sits firmly and hardly noticeably on the head and can thus be worn comfortably even on longer missions. In any case, the headlamp weighs only a light 3 oz/87 grams despite its high performance.

Nextorch oStar an Helmen
Whether with a headband or attached to a helmet using the NVG mount, the Nextorch oStar is flexible.

As a lamp for professional use, the oStar is optimally designed for mounting on a helmet. On any helmet without a special mounting device, the lamp finds a particularly good hold thanks to the split headband. For attachment to an helmet with NVG mount, the Nextorch oStar is simply released from the robust clamping mechanism on the headband mount and inserted into the recess of the helmet with the help of the resistant NVG mounting plate. In addition, the back of the retaining plate is magnetic so that it can be attached to metallic surfaces. With just one flick of the wrist, the lighting direction of the oStar headlamp can be adjusted vertically at an angle of 180 degrees.

Nextorch oStar
Nextorch oStar: Up to 500 lumens from a 18650 battery, which can also be replaced by two batteries CR123a. Due to the strap split at the back of the head, the weight is distributed, which improves the wearing comfort and tight fit of the Nextorch oStar LED headlamp even more. 

As usual for a Nextorch lamp, the oStar does not skimp on power. In terms of light intensity, three modes are available with 500, 185 and 25 lumens (as well as an S.O.S. mode). In 500 lumen mode, the Nextorch oStar reaches a light range of 131 meters. One battery charge lasts up to six and a half hours at the highest light setting – a more than respectable operating time, which extends to 14 hours at the medium luminosity setting and up to 60 hours in the lowest luminosity setting. 

A strong 18650 battery provides the power for this, which is included with an USB charging cable. This can be changed and also replaced with two CR123A batteries/rechargeable batteries. Unlike many LED lamps, the Nextorch oStar shines in a natural color temperature, which not only makes its use more pleasant for the human eye, but also allows details to be seen better. 

For tough use in wind and weather, the headlamp brings enough robustness: it is waterproof according to IPX4 certification and can survive a fall from a height of two meters. The Nextorch oStar LED headlamp is available now for 59 euros. Info on the website of Nextorch Germany.

Andres Industries: PumIR – A small clip-on for large scopes

PumIR mit Reflexvisier
A reflex sight (e.g. Aimpoint ACRO) can additionally be attached to the top of the PumIR from Andres Industries.

For shooters with high-magnification riflescopes, Andres Industries has a small thermal imaging clip-on with particularly high performance. With the PumIR-6M, which is small for 35mm optics, Andres Industries AG is opening a new chapter in the design of thermal imaging attachments. When conventional attachments are mounted in front of a high-magnification scope, as used by DMRs or snipers, often only a greatly magnified section of the thermal imager's screen can be seen. The viewing angle is uncomfortably small and the image quality poor. Even modern battle sights such as the ACOG with 4x magnification have problems here, since they do not have a zoom function. 

The combination of the Andres Industries PumIR-6M.5 with attachment lens, a “Präziser jagen" adapter and a Steiner scope.

Andres Industries now presents the PumIR-6M.5, a solution for exactly this customer group. Here, the sensor image on the display is optically reduced by a factor of two. Thus, even with the Trijicon ACOG 4x32, an image of the entire sensor width is possible with an unrestricted resolution of 640x512 pixels. If the device is precisely zeroed in by the shooter, even the electronic zoom levels up to 8x can be used. This is also not the case with conventional devices. Thanks to the integrated AI upscaling and subpixel collimation (SPC), groupings of 8 cm at 500 m can be achieved.

New and so far unique for a clip-on is the possibility to increase the range by using a clip-on lens. The problem here is that additional optics introduced into the system always lead to a need for correction, since otherwise there are point-of-impact deviations. With PumIR, this problem is solved by collimating the lens as well as the overall system. If it is then attached, which is possible within seconds with the bayonet lock, the PumIR recognizes this and automatically retrieves the corrected optics data from the memory. The user does not have to change anything manually for this and it is immediately ready for use. Up to six weapons/optics combinations can be created in this way. The PumIR can thus be used with different weapons, optics or cameras without having to zero each time. 

Of course, the PumIR, like its bigger brother the TigIR and its smaller sister the TILO, has an AI upscaling function that can significantly increase sensor resolution. In combination with SPC (subpixel collimation) developed by Andres Industries, this improvement can also be directly translated into accuracy performance. The PumIR is scheduled for market launch in mid-2022. Both the military and civilian versions could be viewed at the Andres Industries AG booths. More info on the website of Andres Industries.

RUAG Ammotec: lead-free 9x19 LF Training SX ammunition for the military and law enforcement

New from RUAG Ammotech: the 9x19 LF Training SX cartridge for militari and law enforcement use.
Cross-section of the new 9x19 LF Training SX. The matched load ensures the same point of impact and recoil as the ACTION-4 operational cartridge.

RUAG Ammotec's Defence and Law Enforcement (DLE) division has introduced a new lead-free training ammunition. It goes by the name of 9x19 LF Training SX. The name alone reveals its intended use for training purposes. The SX in the name stands for the primer: "Sintox", which is different from the primer of the operational ammunition. With this cartridge now launched, the company wants to meet the increasing demand for lead-free and low-pollution ammo in the military/LE sector. The 9x19 LF Training SX has been tested and approved for use in the most popular service pistols as well as submachine guns. Furthermore, it fully meets all CIP requirements. The cartridge itself comes with a 6.1-gram (94-grain) monolithic copper bullet and thanks to a carefully tuned load, it provides the same point of impact and recoil characteristics as the ACTION-4 duty cartridge. Commenting on the announcement of the new cartridge, Pascal Emmenegger (Portfolio Manager, DLE) says:“Demand from our government clients for pollutant- and lead-free training ammunition is constantly growing. The new 9×19 LF Training SX cartridge allows us to fulfill the needs of our clients for improved health protection during training on shooting ranges.”  The cartridge will be available to military and LE customers starting in the second quarter of 2022.

Lindnerhof Tactics: new tactical clothing and accessories

The new MX_119 plate carrier from Lindnerhof Taktik. On it: The MX_119 magazine pouches.

Bavarian manufacturer Lindnerhof Taktik is introducing all sorts of new things at EnforceTac 2022: The new "Advanced" and "Advanced X" operational clothing starts with pants, shirt and field shirt. Particular emphasis has been placed not only on mobility and heat control, but above all on maximum weight reduction. "We took a pair of field pants and left out anything that was unnecessary," says CEO Josef Sixt. 

Next up is a new plate carrier: it goes by the name MX_244 and is said to be the lightest in the series. Matching it are the MX_119, MX_519 and MX_762 multi-caliber magazine pouches. By the way, MX stands for the newly developed material called multi-axial-fabric. This material will also be used for other bags and accessories. The novelties are rounded off by a new belt made of Curv® material called LT_561 (buckle) and LT_562 (AUSTRIALPIN COBRA® buckle). 

Ulbrichts Protection: new helmets, Zenturio helmet providing protection against long gun fire

Live-Beschuss mit AK 47 und M4-Munition: Links NIJ IIIa Helm aus Kevlar, rechts der Prototyp des neuen ZENTURIO VPAM-6-Helmes.

True protection against long gun fire without additional modules is promised by the new flagship of the Ulbrichts helmet family. With the current version, the new Zenturio helmet reaches a new level of protection: VPAM 6. While the previous Zenturio was designed to protect against small arms fire (test level: VPAM 3), the new helmet is said to be able to stop fire from a Kalashnikov assault rifle 7.62x39 iron core ammunition (MSC) while achieving trauma values below 25 joules (test level VPAM 6, trauma values analogous to the European VPAM HVN 2009 directive below 25 joules). This effectively prevents potentially life-threatening traumatic brain injury. In addition, the new Zenturio helmet offers stopping power against the 7.62x51 NATO (.308 / M80 / NIJ III). This makes it the only helmet in its weight class on the market that provides wearers with "stand-alone" all-round effective protection against long-gun fire without the need for additional shields. The new Zenturio successor is to be available in the second half of 2022. The second innovation from the Austrians is the new VPAM-3 HVN helmet: reduced weight but full protection against small arms fire. Through further research and development to improve the materials used, Ulbrichts Protection has been able to achieve significant weight savings in the VPAM-3 helmets. These are still made from a combination of titanium and composite (hybrid) materials, but are significantly lighter than their predecessors. However, the reduced weight does not compromise effective protection against handguns (test level VPAM 3 HVN 2009, trauma values according to European Directive HVN 2009 below 25 joules). The optimizations make it possible, for example, to make a lightweight tactical operational helmet ("JUMP") for special units with a weight from 42.3 oz/1.2 kg.

MAK AG: recording for documentation with the MAKCam V4

With the MAKcam V4.0, documentation of operational scenarios enters a new round. The image in the scope can be streamed in HD quality and at a range of up to 1,000 meters.

To make documenting official operations easier and better, MAK, a manufacturer known for its high-quality mounts, has further improved its MAKcam. The V4 system attaches to the eyepiece, and what the shooter then sees through the scope is now recorded in HD quality in internal memory as an image or video, or sent in encrypted form. With an expansion module, live streaming from the field can be extended to a range of up to 1,000 meters. Weighing only 238 grams, the device can be attached to lenses from 40-46 mm and operated at up to 30x magnification. Prices start at 3,355 euros.

Hellfire is the name of MAK's new mechanical sight, which is illuminated by LEDs on the rear sight and a front sight LED.

The MAK Hellfire handgun sights were another innovation on display at the booth: Until now, anyone looking for self-illuminating sights on handguns had to rely on tritium or superluminova, for example. MAK came up with something completely different. The original dots on the rear sight are replaced by two LEDs. At the same time, the front sight is also illuminated from behind by means of an LED. Everything is powered by a 2016 battery in the rear sight, which provides up to 8 hours of light. Light intensity and the colors in red and green can be selected. Currently, the sight is only available for the Glock 17, other models will certainly follow if there is sufficient demand. The price is 217 euros. Information on the new products can be found on the company website.

Schmidt & Bender: new 6-36x56 PM II riflescope with more field of view

The latest riflescope from Schmidt & Bender, the 6-36x56 PM II, has a lot of power with compact dimensions and low weight.

When Schmidt & Bender introduces a new riflescope, one can certainly be excited. In addition to the product portfolio that was naturally tuned for law enforcement and military users, the new 6-36x56 PM II stands out. 

At the lowest magnification, it offers a field of view of 7.3 m, which is more than that of the 5-25x56 at 5x magnification. However, the German optics specialist has also paid attention to a slim design. At 390 mm, the riflescope with 6x zoom is around 30 mm shorter than the 5-25x56 PM II and also weighs 70 grams less. 

The P5FL and Gr²ID reticles are currently available. Thus, a lot of performance with smaller dimensions and weight.

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