Enforce Tac 2023 in Nuremberg: the most important information and product news from day 2 of the trade fair for law enforcement and the military

For the 10th anniversary edition of Enforce Tac 2023, Isabell Teufert, Enforce Tac's Exhibition Director, declared even before the show, "In 2023 we are taking it a step further."  "With the expert knowledge represented by our visitors and exhibitors and our redesigned supporting programme, we will achieve a top-level sector gathering. Like seeks like, as the saying goes, and that also applies to our event: We offer an excellent platform where like-minded individuals can make new contacts, share ideas and learn about the latest developments, all in an extremely discreet setting. And our anniversary party on the first evening of the event will ensure everyone has plenty of fun," Teufert promised.

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VIDEO: Interview with Thomas Mahler, Manager Sales for Enforce Tac - a first resume and feedback from exhibitors

ZEV OZC9 Combat in 9mm 

The 9mm ZEV OC9 Elite pistol presented by the American company at Enforce TAC.

ZEV's American pistols are extremely refined, in both shooting and tactical versions. At the company's booth at Enforce TAC we were able to see some of the latest models in their catalog.
The OZC9 Combat version is designed as a service pistol and is built on a gray-colored X-Grip polymer frame with a flared magwell, while the Citadel-type slide has no lightening cuts but offers the possibility of mounting red dot optics directly. The iron sights consist of a drift-adjustable notch and a fixed front sight equipped with a fiber optic insert.

The Combat version is the simplest in the ZEV catalog and features a charcoal gray two-part frame.

Cocking Serrations are milled on the entire side surfaces of the slide and echo the manufacturer's logo, consisting of a pair of slanted bars that reappear on various parts of the gun. The barrel is a Match type with a bronze-colored nitrided finish. The trigger is a Pro type with rounded blade. The magazine is a Magpul with a capacity of 10 cartridges, which may vary according to local laws.

the Elite version of the OZC9, which we see here in the sand-colored version, is distinguished essentially by an oversized Pro Plus magwell and the Pro trigger group with a flat-face trigger. ZEV pistols can be fitted with Glock's iron sights. In fact, the company began as a manufacturer of aftermarket accessories for the Austrian pistol, from which the OZC9 is clearly derived, and later devoted itself to the production of complete guns.

VIDEO: Benelli showcases the latest version of the successful M4 tactical semi-automatic shotgun series – the M4 A1 – at Enforce Tac 2023

The 12-ga Benelli M4 semi-automatic shotgun entered into legend thanks to the fact that it was built expressly to enter the competition held by the U.S. Army in 1998 to adopt a 12-gauge combat shotgun. The Benelli M4 won the competition and entered the legend, going on to arm the G.I.s and in particular the U.S. Marines, who use it mainly for the defense of sensitive targets such as embassies, consulates, but also ships and other strategic buildings. 

Wyssen Defence WD9 Carbine Caliber in 9mm

The WD9 pistol-caliber carbine in 9 Parabellum caliber in Standard version with 210-millimeter barrel.

Coming from Switzerland is yet another declination of the pistol caliber carbine concept based on a basic AR-15 platform. In this case we have an extremely well-finished product that immediately stands out for the muzzle equipped with a tri-lug H&K MP5-style adapter that allows the quick mounting of muzzle accessories such as brakes, compensators and silencers.

The Wyssen Defence WD9 Carbine is available in four versions that share the 9mm Para (9 Luger) caliber chambering and differ mainly in barrel length. The Standard version has a 210-millimeter barrel, the WD9K (short) has a 115-millimeter barrel, the IPSC version intended for dynamic shooting, a 430-millimeter barrel. Finally, the SD version mounts a 148-millimeter barrel with integral silencer. The controls on the frame replicate those of AR-15-style rifles, and in general this weapon can use most of their accessories. The gun is fed from Glock 26, 19, 17 and 18 compatible magazines. The Picatinny rail running all the way along the top allows the mounting of iron, optical or electronic sights, while the tubular forend offers attachments at 6 o'clock for an additional grip and at 3 and 9 o'clock for other accessories. Weight ranges from 2.8 kg for the Standard model to 3.4 kg for the IPSC model.

The tri-lug adapter allows the mounting of muzzle brakes, compensators and silencers.
A WD SMC3L1 silencer manufactured by Wyssen Defence itself, mounted on the WD9.

VIDEO: Kahles K525i DLR Dynamic Long Range riflescope

The new riflescope for professional and sport shooting from Kahles is an updated variant of the now world famous K525i, featuring a 5x zoom optical design and a magnification range of 5-25x56 with illuminated reticle. The K525i combines excellent overall performance, both optically and mechanically, with great ease of use and ergonomics, thanks to the solutions that have made it a unique product on the market since its introduction. 

The new riflescope is called Kahles K525i DLR Dynamic Long Range, and it has been optimized to cater to the needs of shooters in the gruelling dynamic long range shooting competitions that are gradually gaining momentum in many countries. Features include an exceptionally wide field of view, as much as 28 percent improvement from the base model, engraving at more than double the normal size of the digits on the turrets, 100 clicks, .1 MRAD each, per rotation of each turret (with overall adjustment range of 2.9 / 1.3m at 100 m), an oversized control throw lever on the magnification ring, and a "spinner" mounted on the parallax correction turret concentric to the elevation, capable of adjustment from 20m to ∞. 

Of course, this model also retains the great features of the K525i, such as the option of having the windage turret optionally on the right or left side of the 34mm scope body, with Twist Guard protection, an illuminated reticle on the first focal plane (the DLR model is equipped with the new SKMR4 reticle) and an overall compactness that allows easy use, where allowed for civilians and a welcome feature for LE and Military users, of clip-on optical add-ons for thermal and night vision. The price is adequate for its performance, just under 3,000 euros retail.

Steyr MA V9 and MA V40, "Made in Austria" pistol caliber carbines

The new Steyr MA V9/V40 pistol caliber carbine is chambered in 9 Parabellum or .40 Smith & Wesson.

Austrian manufacturer Steyr also enters the popular pistol caliber carbine sector with two models, the MA V9 and MA V40 chambered in 9mm and .40 Smith & Wesson respectively

The folding stock of the Steyr MA V9 comes with a Law Tactical adapter, allowing it to be shortened in length, but the carbine can't be fired with a folded stock.

The design is inspired by the AR15 lines, with a pistol grip and foldable stock, which in turn is fitted with a Law Tactical GEN3-M adapter. This is a useful solution for carry only, as it allows the total length of the weapon to be reduced from 705 to 620 millimeters, but does not allow firing with the stock folded. 

For both versions, the barrel length is 8 inches, or 203 millimeters, while the weight without magazine is 2.47 kilograms. The Steyr MA VA9 carbine uses Glock pistol double-stack magazines with a capacity of up to 31 rounds in 9mm caliber. The Steyr MA V9 and MA V40 carbines use a simple blowback operating system and in the version intended for military and law enforcement use it is full auto capable. The version for the civilian market will be semi-automatic only, of course. Stock can be folded on the left side while the pistol grip is an AR15 type that can be easily replaced with dozens of aftermarket models on the market.

VIDEO: GPO introduces the new GPO TAC 15-45x60 Spotter, whose PLR reticle corresponds with the one in the GPO Spectra 6x 4.5-27x50i riflescope

The GPO TAC 15-45×60 Spotter from German Precision Optics aims to impress with its extremely high imaging performance and wide field of view. The new GPO TAC 15-45x60 features an HD lens system that is claimed to bring optimal color reproduction, razor-sharp images and high transmission thanks to the GPObright multi-coating. On the rubber-armored and nitrogen-filled magnesium housing, a Picatinny rail on both sides and on the top for the mounting of accessories such as red dot sights for better alignment or laser light modules for determining target distance. To help spotter and shooter work together perfectly, the GPO TAC 15-45x60 Spotter features the same integrated mil-spec PLR reticle in the 1st image plane that GPO uses on its Spectra 4.5-27x50i PLRi (FFP) 6x zoom riflescope.

Thanks to the 15x to 45x magnification of the new GPO Tac Spotter and the 60 mm objective lens diameter, even distant objects can be seen in detail. At the same time, the new observation optic delivers extremely high imaging performance and a sharp edge-to-edge image, as well as a large field of view of 60 to 20 meters at a distance of 100 meters. The dimensions are 278x77x138 mm (LxWxH) and the weight is 1380 g. Scope of delivery also includes protective caps for the objective lens as well as the eyepiece and an aluminum honeycomb filter. Cost point: under 1,000 euros (MSRP). The tactical spotter from GPO should be available and on sale shortly. We'll stay tuned and report when it's ready.

VIDEO: Laser Ammo CQB in a BOX – A system for safe dry-fire training

Laser Ammo offers a device called CQB in a Box. As the name suggests, it is a training device for Close Quarter Combat. It includes recoil simulation and freely programmable targets. For example, the user can decide how many hits are required to take down a single target. CQB in a BOX is ideal for simulating live-fire exercises and room-clearing training, as well as shot and no-shot situations. The CQB in a BOX is powered by standard AAA batteries, and the available adjustable scoring zones allow for smaller or larger target or hit areas. It is a portable system that includes three targets and a remote control housed in a carrying case.

Peltonen knives, Finnish essentiality

The Peltonen Ranger fixed-blade knife made in Finland is suitable for military use but also for bushcraft and hunting.
The Peltonen Ranger is available with a Kydex or polymer sheath, also in high-visibility orange color.

The idea for the Ranger knife came to JP Peltonen while he was in Lebanon serving as a military observer. At that time JP got his hands on a U.S. Army knife. He soon began to think of a new cutting tool in which ease of handling, balance and usability of the American tool could coexist with the refined lightness and quality of a Finnish knife. The result is the Ranger, a NATO-coded knife that meets the needs of the military as well as hunters, hikers and those who seek the "best of both worlds" in any accessory or tool. Peltonen's Ranger knife has the classic design of traditional Scandinavian knifes, with full tang construction in 80CRV2 carbon steel. The handle is made of synthetic rubber with non-slip grooves on the lower section, The blade has a thickness of 4.25 millimeters for a length of 150 or 125 millimeters.

The Ranger knife in the polymer sheath features the EasyLock safety lock.

The blade comes in a blued, Teflon, Cerakote black or FDE finish. The sheath is available in three different versions – black or brown natural leather, Kydex or polymer with a MOLLE attachment system and a retention system called EasyLock that firmly locks the knife and prevents it from coming out, even when carrying it tip up. The polymer sheath is available in four colors, including high-visibility orange, while the Kydex one have a palette of as many as seven color variations, including three Multicam camouflages.

Peltonen knives are relatively inexpensive but very well made. Those interested can contact the company through www.peltonenknives.com.

Visitor figures for Enforce Tac 2023

In the end, the show was able to report well over 7,000 (2022: 4,759) trade visitors for Enforce Tac 2023. In other words, a significant increase over the previous year. At the same time, the 540 (2022: 377) exhibitors came from 37 countries and shared an area of around 22,000 m². This shows that Messe Nürnberg's concept for Enforce Tac was a complete success.

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