Tanfoglio Force Plus, a redesigned semi-automatic pistol

Tanfoglio Force Plus
Tanfoglio Force line of polymer-frame semi-automatic pistols will soon be available in a redesigned version

The Tanfoglio Force, known in north America as the “EAA Witness Polymer”, is a hammer-fired, SA/DA semi-automatic pistol manufactured in Italy, sporting a polymer railed frame and a stainless steel slide. Available in many popular calibers (9mm, .40 Smith & Wesson, .38 Super Auto, .45 ACP and even 10mm Auto), the Tanfoglio Force line of pistols is extremely popular in Europe among local law enforcement agencies and private security personnel, as well as between average citizens searching for an affordable and yet extremely reliable pistol for target practice and personal, home or property defense.

New for 2016 from Tanfoglio is  the Force Plus pistol, a redesigned variant of the now well-established Tanfoglio Force pistol platform – sporting the same CZ75-based mechanical layout but a general upgrade of both the slide and the frame, making it even quicker and more instinctive to point at the target.

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