SHOT Show 2019: our top five handguns we spotted and shot at the 2019 Industry Day at the Range

The Industry Day at the Range always takes place one day before the official opening of the SHOT Show in Las Vegas. Over 1,500 media and trade reporters are invited to this event to test the various innovations on the grounds of the Boulder Rifle & Pistol Club, just half an hour from Las Vegas.
On that day, shotguns, rifles, revolvers and pistols from all well-known manufacturers of the industry could be tested. Although many of the guns presented would certainly deserve a highlight report, in this article we would like to introduce you to our personal top 5 handguns, which we had tested during the Industry Day at the Range 2019.

Glock G48 "Slimline" pistol

This ultra-slim "slimline" pistol accommodates a single-stack 10-round magazine in a polymer frame and is designed for concealed carry without compromising handling and recoil control. Otherwise, it’s the same size of the world famous and appreciated Glock G19, with the slim frame having a "1911er-feeling" when firing.

Glock G48 has a 10 round magazine capacity
The Glock G48 is super slim and easy to handle.
The Glock G48 has the same dimensions as the Glock G19 but is lighter.
Thanks to its design the Glock G48 is perfect for concealed carry.

GLOCK G48 - Technical data

Manufacturer GLOCK
Model: G48
Caliber:                                                                 9 mm Luger
Weight:                      20.74 oz / 588 g                                                  
Capacity: 10 + 1

Mossberg MC1sc

Mossberg, best known today for shotguns like the popular 590 pump-action model, once launched a pistol, a four-barreled .22 pistol called "Brownie". Now they look back at the origins bringing to market the Mossberg MC1sc, a subcompact 9x19 pistol, after three years of development. It features a polymer frame and firing pin lock and single-stack magazine, but also four new patents, one of which concerns disassembly, for example. The firing pin can be removed from the slide in a blink after removing the backplate.

Mossberg's MC1sc has a 3.4" barrel.
The MC1sc's grip stock is ergonomically designed. 
The MOssberg MC1sc uses Clear-Count magazines
The sc in Mossberg's MC1sc stands for "subcompact" and indicates that other models might be in development.

Mossberg MC1sc - Technical data

Manufacturer Mossberg
Model: MC1sc
Caliber: 9 mm Luger
Weight:                       19 oz / 539 g
Capacity: 6 / 7 + 1
MSRP: 421 USD                      

SIG Sauer P320 X-Compact 

The P320 series is not only known to every gun enthusiast after winning the largest US Army and M17 MHS (Modular Handgun System) service pistol tender. Now comes the P320 X-Compact with a new, further improved and downsized grip and a 3.6 in / 91 mm barrel. Despite its double-stack magazine and a generous capacity of 15 rounds, the pistol is first-class in the hand. The short-reset trigger is quite convincing.

The SIG Sauer P320 XCompact comes with a 15-round magazine.
SIG Sauer P320 XCompact: an EDC-psitol with power.
SIG Sauer's P320 XCompact showcased at SHOT Show 2019.
SIG Sauer's P320 XCompact impressed us with its compact design and superb handling qualities.

SIG Sauer P320 X-Compact - Technical data

Manufacturer SIG Sauer
Model:                 P320 X Compact
Caliber: 9 mm Luger
Weight:                          20.74 oz / 717 g                       
Capacity: 15 + 1

Colt King Cobra

The return of a classic .357 Magnum revolver from a US manufacturer with a big name. After reviving the Colt Cobra pocket revolver in .38 Special in 2017, Colt is now continuing with the resurrection of the more powerful Colt King Cobra made of stainless steel with a six-round cylinder and a 3 in / 76 mm barrel. The double-action trigger of the test gun, which we were able to shoot extensively, was extremely smooth and first-class. Let's hope that this applies to all production revolvers and not just to the demonstration gun at the Industry Day at the Range!

Colt's King Cobra is now available with a 3" barrel
The King Cobra has returned: Cold King Cobra .357 Magnum now with 3" barrel length.
King Cobra Revolver opened.
Colt's King Cobra features Hogue overmolded grips and a replacable brass bead front sight.
The first King Cobra was produced by Colt in 1986.
Who said that diamonds are a girl's best friend? Colt's King Cobra will prove them wrong.

Colt King Cobra  - Technical data

Manufacturer COLT
Model: King Cobra
Caliber: .357 Magnum
Weight: 28 oz / 749 g                           
Capacity: 6
MSRP:                           899 USD 

Ruger SR1911 Competition 

As you know, the best Bianchi Cup shooter on the planet, multiple world champion Doug Koenig, has been shooting for Sturm, Ruger & Co. for quite some time now. Ruger has now launched a Custom Shop, which features a limited number of tuned and refined versions of their guns. One of them is the classic all-steel pistol in 9 mm Luger with a magazine capacity of 10 cartridges, designed according to the ideas of Doug Koenig. This 1911 has many interesting features such as a 5 in / 127 mm match barrel with 1-16" twist and polished feed ramp, match trigger with Koenig Shooting Sports low-mass hammer, aluminum magwell.

The Ruger SR 1911 Competition is based on the original 1911 pistol.
Top tier pistol: SR1911 Competition, manufactured and designed by Ruger Custom Shop.
Ruger SR1911 Competition with match barrel
Multiple world champion Doug Koenig's extensive know-how helped to create the SR1911 Competition.
SR1911 Competition with polished feed ramp
The SR1911 Competition is equipped with Hogue G-10 grip panels for superior grip.

 Ruger SR1911 Competition - Technical data

Manufacturer              Ruger
Model: SR1911 Competition
Caliber: 9 mm Luger
Weight: 41 oz / 1.162 g         
Capacity: 10 + 1
MSRP: 2499 USD

The day before, we attented the invite-only event "SIG Sauer Premier Media Day 2019". See the new pistols, optics and ammunition SIG Sauer has to offer in 2019.

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