Remington RM380 semi-automatic pocket defense pistol

The Remington Arms Company showcased the .380 ACP caliber Remington RM380 at the 2016 IWA OutdoorClassics
An extremely lightweight and compact pistol, Remington's RM380 was conceived specifically for concealed carry and self-defense or backup purposes

First announced in late 2015 and finally introduced in January at the 2016 SHOT Show, the Remington RM380 semi-automatic pocket pistol is now heading to European shores.

The Remington RM380 is a double-action semi-automatic subcompact pistol conceived for concealed carry purposes, as a primary defensive pistol for civilians or as a backup weapon for law enforcement or private security personnel. 

The RM380 is built around a steel machined slide and a lightweight alloy frame, and sports a DA trigger with a long travel, which also dubs as the only safety system of the design. The single-stack, detachable magazine holds six rounds of .380 ACP ammunition.

The Remington RM380 is 13,3cm long overall, sports a 2,9-inch tilting barrel and a Browning-type locking system, and weighs barely 345 grams when unloaded. The RM380 is comes factory-equipped with a set of low-profile fixed iron sights, but a dedicated Crimson Trace laser pointer is also available.

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