FN 502 Tactical, optics ready in .22 Long Rifle caliber

The plate covering the slide cut on FN 502 Tactical is made of light alloy and approximately weighs as much as a mini reflex optic.

The FN 502 Tactical semi-automatic is a .22 LR version of the FN509 pistol in 9x19 mm, so much so that it can be carried in most holsters designed for it. As the name suggests, it is a semi-automatic gun with strong tactical features and suitable for the shooter who is looking for a firearm that is inexpensive to feed, but with an appearance and approach typical of military and professional products. This is immediately noticeable, thanks to the barrel protruding from the slide with threaded muzzle and the tall sights, clear signs that a silencer can be mounted, obviously in countries that allow that.

The slide is made of anodized aluminum with some steel details and has the cocking serrations on the front end as well. The sights are made of plastic, and have a standard dovetail that allows them to be adjusted laterally. Mini-reflex optics can be mounted on the slide through polymer adapter plates, while the plate covering the slide cut is made of light alloy and has about the same weight as a Trijicon red dot, to make sure that the mass balance is unchanged. Those who do not like plastic sights can easily replace them with aftermarket models. The frame is polymer, and all controls (safety, slide stop and magazine release) are ambidextrous. A loaded chamber indicator further raises the FN 502's safety level. Ergonomics and grip textures are inspired by those of its big sister, the FN 509, however there are no interchangeable backstraps. On the dust cover we find the now ubiquitous Picatinny slide for mounting accessories.

FN 502 Tactical: external hammer and single-action trigger

The right side of the FN 502 Tactical. The safety lever, magazine release, and slide stop are ambidextrous.

Operationally, the FN 502 Tactical is a blowback-operated pistol with a rather traditional setup, featuring an external hammer and single-action trigger. The single-action trigger has a pull weight of 2,600 grams. According to the manufacturer's claims, this should be the best trigger mounted on a pistol in this category. The double-stack magazine has a capacity of 10 or 15 rounds in .22 Long Rifle caliber, depending on the country in which it is sold. The barrel measures 4.6”/116.8 mm and has a twist of 1:16" with right-handed rifling. The muzzle is threaded with 1/2x28 threads, which allows a suppressor to be mounted.

The FN502 Tactical is available in two colors: black or FDE, with the same retail price that in the U.S. is $559. It is sure to attract the attention of service guns enthusiasts, who are eager for a version in .22 Long Rifle caliber, thus with a low operating cost, but who do not want to give up the aesthetics and accessorizability typical of a full-size 9mm semi-automatic. 

FN 502 Tactical specs and price



502 Tactical


.22 LR

Magazine Capacity:

10 or 15 rounds

Barrel Length:

4.6”/116.8 mm

Overall Length:

193 mm


Adjustable rear and front, optics ready 




Ambidextrous on the frame


672 g

Price (MSRP in the U.S.):


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