FN Herstal supplies Elity ballistic computers to the French Army – Advantages: 25% more power and 40% less "detection-neutralization" time

The system for increasing the probability of a first shot kill is to be used in the future on sniper rifles and DMR rifles (DMR = "Designated Marksman Rifles" – semi-automatic rifles with telescopic sights). Prior to procurement, the "Battle-Lab Terre", which is responsible for innovation within the French Army, conducted intensive testing of the Elity in the previous year.

The ballistic computer was tested over several months on a wide range of weapon systems, from the standard 7.62x51 mm caliber to the powerful 12.7x99 mm. According to the manufacturer, Elity particularly improved the accuracy of the FN SCAR-H PR DMR rifles also in service with the French Army. In the test series, the accuracy results of snipers without and with additional ballistic calculator were analyzed in direct comparison.

According to FN Herstal, performance improved by an average of 25 percent, with the increase in accuracy accompanied by a 40 percent reduction in engagement time. The FN Elity ballistic calculator can be mounted on all rifles up to .50 caliber Browning Machine Gun, or even on a spotting scope using a Picatinny rail. The integrated laser rangefinder has two modes and can be used with an eye-safe Class 1 and powerful Class 3B laser. With an Android app, the user can enter the ballistically relevant data of the weapon platform (caliber, barrel length, twist) and adjust the system to his/her needs. FN Elity features sensors to determine temperature, air pressure and humidity, as well as a digital compass and inclinometer. In addition, the ballistic computer can be connected to other weather sensors using a wireless connection.

FN has not yet provided any information on the volume and value of the order. However, the defense contractor's official press release indicated that further coordination on the full scope of services will be finalized. Because the FN Enity system is produced entirely in Europe, it is not subject to U.S. ITAR export requirements. 

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