Zeiss Victory 8x32 T* FL

Zeiss victory fl 8x32
The Zeiss Victory 8x32 T * FL employ a closed bridge configuration. The rubber armoring is of excellent quality

Although on the market for the last few years, the Zeiss Victory 8x32 T * FL is a milestone in the panorama of mid-sized binoculars. Tough, thanks to the glass fiber polymer reinforced housing (using 60% of fibers in the mix), encasing ultralight magnesium optical tubes, all protected by a sturdy rubber armor, these binoculars offer unsuspected optical qualities, even though the "FL" in the denomination does give away a hint  at the most obvious feature.

The Victory 8x32 T * FL does, in fact, employ special glass containing fluoride, characterized by an exceptionally low dispersion index ; thanks to this feature, the internal light dispersion is reduced to a minimum. The most obvious improvement is the almost total absence of chromatic aberrations in the viewed image, the so-called "fringing", which in any light condition is almost imperceptible. 

Zeiss victory fl 8x32
The large focus knob , very comfortable to operate, smooth and perfectly braked. The eyepieces are equipped with extensible hoods

Sharpness and contrast, all the way to the FOV edges, are excellent, without any halo or glare effects. The optical scheme employs Schmidt-Pechan prisms of new conception, with dielectric treated mirrored surfaces. All lenses have T * (T-Star), multilayer coatings and P * (P-Star) phase coatings , allowing the binoculars to exceed 90% of light transmission value.


The wide-angle eyepiece contributes to the excellent performance of these binoculars: thanks to a proprietary five lens elements optical scheme, a remarkably wide  field of view is achieved, 420 meters at 1,000 meters. The eyepiece also offers a generous  16mm eye relief, which makes the instrument particularly attractive for those who wear glasses. The exit pupil is 4 mm; the twilight index is 16. The dioptric compensation is 4 diopters, its adjustment is integrated in the focus control knob and is easily locked. The Victory 8x32 T * FL is based on a closed central steel bridge, on the axis of which is mounted the large focus knob. Very smooth and at the same time perfectly braked, the focus control allows a quick and precise focusing with a single rotation from 2.5 meters to infinity. The binoculars are waterproof up to ISO 9022-81-10 and are nitrogen filled.