Zeiss unveils its first thermal imaging clip-ons with the two DTC 3 models

"With the Zeiss DTC 3, we are offering a first-class thermal imaging clip-on that provides all hunters with precise response and absolute accuracy for hunting in the dark," says Carsten Backhaus, Product Manager for Hunting at Zeiss.

What is the difference between the two Zeiss models DTC 3/25 and 3/38?

Every night hunt is different, and thermal imaging users have different needs and purposes. So let's take a look at both models:

The Zeiss DTC 3/38's greater detection range of 1,950 meters offers excellent conditions for hunting, especially for open field hunting. The Zeiss DTC 3/38 is also optimized for higher magnifications, as the full field of view can already be used at 3x optical magnification of the riflescope. For hunting in wooded areas and stalking, the Zeiss DTC 3/25 with a slightly larger field of view of 18.4 meters at 100 meters provides the best conditions for a good overview and detail recognition at shorter distances. 

What do both Zeiss thermal imaging clip-ons have in common?

The Zeiss DTC 3/38 thermal imaging clip-on allows the demanding night hunter a detection range of 1,950 meters.

First-class optics and a sharp, clear image. After all, these optical properties are essential for night hunting in order to be able to approach and shoot the game safely. Both devices offer high-quality germanium lenses that are optimized for thermal radiation, the latest generation of 12-micron sensors, a large HD AMOLED display and sophisticated image processing, thus ensuring good detail recognition in practice.

In addition, both models offer intuitive ergonomics, an app-controlled assistant for precise zeroing, flexible customization options and smart power management. With a continuous runtime of 10 hours and the automatic standby mode activated by the angle sensor, the Zeiss DTC 3/38 and 3/25 allow for practical usability in any hunting situation. 

The concept: the new Zeiss DTC 3 models are particularly easy to operate

Optimum operability of the Zeiss DTC 3 thermal imaging devices is guaranteed thanks to the sophisticated ErgoControl concept.

After all, ease of use is crucial for hunting success at night. According to the manufacturer, the Zeiss DTC 3/25 and 3/38 models are ideally suited for this purpose. The central positioning of the focusing turret on the upper side of the thermal imager allows for better accessibility as well as precise focusing and avoids contact of the fingers with the gun barrel during focusing.

The ErgoControl Concept with an intelligent, cross-shaped arrangement of the buttons also guarantees additional user-friendliness – both for left- or right-handed users and when wearing gloves. To facilitate handling, the Zeiss DTC 3 also features intuitive menu navigation. This allows the desired function to be found quickly even in tense stalking situations. 

Zeiss thermal imaging clip-ons: easy mounting onto the riflescope with the Zeiss DTC adapter

The Zeiss DTC-A 56 adapter with mounted DTC-R M52 ring securely attaches the Zeiss DTC 3 to the riflescope.

To be able to attach a thermal imaging clip-on onto a riflescope, you need an adapter. The matching Zeiss DTC adapter offers reliable repeatability when mounting and removing the Zeiss DTC 3 models. With this special adapter, the DTC can be easily changed and used on different riflescopes. The robust bayonet lock ensures secure and stable mounting, so there is no shot deviation caused by the attachment.

The two-piece adapter consists of the Zeiss DTC-A, which is available for riflescopes with objective lens diameters of 42 millimeters, 50 millimeters and 56 millimeters respectively, and a one-size-fits-all ring, the Zeiss DTC-R M52. The DTC-R and DTC-A are not included with the Zeiss DTC 3. However, you can also buy them separately.

Zeiss DTC thermal imagers: zero-in quickly and precisely thanks to the zeroing assistant

Careful zeroing of the rifle is indispensable for the necessary tuning-in of optics and rifle/ammunition. And this is precisely where the DTC 3/25 and 3/38's zeroing assistant comes in. It is easy to operate using the Zeiss Hunting App and enables faster, simplified and even more accurate zeroing.

You only have to enter the distance and the hit position of the shot in the app. The assistant then independently calculates the correction values and realigns the display accordingly. This eliminates the need for click calculations and makes the process much faster and less stressful. 

Not only is operation on the device itself easy – with the versatile Zeiss Hunting App, the Zeiss DTC 3 thermal imaging devices are quick and versatile to set up.

Customizable with the Zeiss Hunting App 

The Zeiss Hunting App not only offers a documentation function, but also numerous customization options. The Zeiss DTC 3/25 and DTC 3/38 can be connected to the smartphone very easily via Bluetooth. Up to four profiles for different riflescopes can be saved on the Zeiss Hunting App, but also on the Zeiss DTC 3 itself.

In concrete terms, this means that as soon as the combination of Zeiss DTC 3 and riflescope has been correctly zeroed-in, this combination can be stored as a profile in the app and on the Zeiss DTC 3, and the thermal imaging clip-on can be easily switched from one riflescope to the other. 

Further information, prices and availability of the Zeiss DTC thermal imagers

The Zeiss DTC 3/38 thermal imaging clip on will be available from specialist dealers from summer 2022 with a recommended retail price of 4,000 euros (incl. VAT). More information on the availability of the Zeiss DTC 3/25 (MSRP: 3,600 euros incl. VAT) will follow shortly. The Zeiss DTC-A adapter (MSRP: 185 euros incl. VAT) and the DTC-R ring (MSRP: 90 euros incl. VAT) will also be available from summer 2022. 

Further information on Zeiss thermal imaging devices can be found on the Zeiss website.

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