Noblex News 2019 – new riflescope and mini red dot sight

Noblex: The “Auto-Intense control system” automatically selects the brightness of the reticle dot.

The already wide riflescope range of the German quality manufacturer Noblex is now complemented by the N6 Comfort TAC IPSC  model. This 1-6x24 scope was developed primarily for the sports sector and for IPSC in particular. As usual in these devices, the fine dot of reticle 0 is illuminated. However, the Noblex technicians have come up with something special: the Auto-Intense control system. It selects the brightness of the reticle dot according to the amount of light in the target area. So the shooter can concentrate fully on the competition. The brightness of the reticle can also be adjusted manually according to personal preferences. The adjustment turrets are easy to access and zero.

Noblex: On the main tube a mini red dot reflex sight with 7 MOA dot can be mounted.

New: the Noblex N6 Comfort TAC IPSC riflescope is available with Picatinny rail universal mounting and a mini red dot sight. Thanks to a special design, it's tilted at 45° degrees to the actual rifle scope. The Noblex IPSC Sight is then optionally available with 3.5 or 7 MOA illuminated dots. The overall package is a quite promising riflescope with the usual good build quality for 1795 euro (RRP) on the market. Certainly, an interesting new contender for dynamic IPSC disciplines.

New "GLOCK Sight" from Noblex for GLOCK M.O.S. models

The new GLOCK Sight mini red dot optic from Noblex was expressly designed for mounting on M.O.S. series GLOCk pistols.

The trend towards handguns that can mount mini red dot sights directly on the slide continued in 2019 at the SHOT Show. At the fair you could see more and more handguns as well as small red dot sights, which are becoming more and more powerful.

Although Noblex has been well positioned here for years, it is now using the GLOCK Sight M.O.S again. The new small optic bears the name GLOCK not by chance, because it was designed so that it fits exactly into the slide of GLOCK M.O.S. Models of the 4th and 5th Generation. Actually, you can do without the 2.5 mm thick adapter plates. As a result, the flat red dot sight sits very low and can thus be absorbed better and faster via the shooter's muscle memory.

Produced by Noblex. The GLOCK Sight with the battery compartment open. Size is quite small.

The manufacturer states that the sight window is just 8.5 mm above the top of the slide. The glass lens was also designed to be very solid to better withstand the stress of gun cycling. The illuminated dot, which automatically adjusts in brightness, has a size of 5 MOA. According to the manufacturer, a test model already withstood 16,500 rounds in 9 mm Luger caliber. DEVA (Deutsche Versuchsanstalt), a German technical organisation/institiution that checks firearms for hunters and sport shooters, had the brand new GLOCK Sight M.O.S. additionally shock-tested with 2,000 650G bumps without any complaints. The results are therefore quite comforting. The  manufacturer's suggested price is 440 euro. Whether the new Noblex Sight will then be available for other weapons remains to be seen.

Noblex's new co-owner, Thorsten Kortemeier, is no stranger to the industry. He has been the owner and CEO of the German optical company Minox for many years. In late 2018, in a long-planned transition process, he sold all his shares to the German L&O Group. At Noblex, Thorsten Kortemeier is not only a shareholder, but also the chairman of the management board and is primarily responsible for development. We are sure to see to many new Noblex products from Jena in the near future.

What you should know about the German optical manufacturer Noblex:

NOBLEX GmbH has a long tradition of developing and manufacturing optoelectronic consumer products in the production facilities of Carl Zeiss in Jena and later in Eisfeld in Thuringia. 150 years of success with optical devices are the expression of a wealth of experience in optics, mechanics and electronics. Optics, which are characterized by excellent quality standards, are produced at the company headquarters in Jena, in southern Thuringia. The portfolio of optics for sports shooters and hunters today combines classic products such as binoculars and rifle scopes with modern optoelectronic devices. The miniaturized visor systems, known around the world as DOCTERsight, are trendsetters for hunting and sports.

More information about the new N6 Comfort TAC IPSC riflescope and the GLOCK Sight M.O.S can be found on the Noblex website.

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