MAK: mounts, optics and electronics – Full equipment in the field of target acquisition for shooters, hunters and professional users

MAK stands for Michael Ali Kilic – a charismatic technician, developer, general manager and company owner of MAK AG and Kilic Feintechnik GmbH. At MAK the sport shooter, the hunter as well as the professional user will find what they are looking for in many accessory areas for their firearm. The focus is on innovative products that make life much easier for the firearms user. The range is essentially divided into the areas of mounts, optics and electronics. While the first two areas correspond, meaning that the shooter can find a complete package of mounts and matching optics at MAK, there are special innovations in the electronics area with which the professional in particular can significantly upgrade his/her configuration. We have taken a closer look at three products:

Mounts at MAK: the MAKmasterLock

The non-offset MAKmasterLock variant. The self-locking mechanism eliminates the need for large screws or levers.

The MAKmasterLock is basically a mount for attaching to a Picatinny/STANAG rail. It is available in three variants: standard (i.e. non offset), as an offset mount (for mounting scopes on AR platform designs, for example) and as a mount for red-dots with magnifier. On the latter, for example, the in-house MAKdot S 1x20 can be mounted in combination with the MAKnifier S3 x3.

So far a round system, but the highlight is the fitting of the mount on the gun. Because where otherwise tedious work with screws or levers must be done, the shooter can simply press the MAKmasterLock on the Picatinny rail of his/her gun and fix it. A safety mechanism locks the mount. It is absolutely bulletproof and repeatable. This ensures that the optics can be changed in a flash. For example, the hunter can swap between a red dot (with magnifier) and a riflescope in just a few steps. Incidentally, MAK even has a patent on the system.

The MAKmasterLock for non-offset riflescopes comes with 1"/26 mm, 30 mm, 34 mm, 36 mm, 40 mm rings or with Picatinny rail. As well as in 19 mm and 14.5 mm heights. The price is 349 euro. The equally priced variant for offset scopes comes with 1" / 26.0 mm, 30.0 mm, 34.0 mm rings and always an overall height of 23 mm and a 78 mm offset. The model intended for red dot sights with magnifier is 561 euros. For 1,724 euro, it is also available as a set with red dot and magnifier.

Optics at MAK: the MAKpro 5-25x56i HD

Although the MAKpro 5-25x56i HD tactical riflescope for long ranges is not new to the MAK AG product range, the variant with the new, patented adjustment turret represents an important innovation.

The particularly compact riflescope, which can be used not only for tactical purposes but also for sports and hunting, comes with a 34 mm main tube and weighs 1,015 g. The reticle in the first image plane has holdover marks in mrad, the precise click adjustment also works with this measure and has steps of 0.1 mrad, i.e. 1 cm at 100 m.

The new tower on the MAKpro shows on which numbers of the scale the dial is adjusted. This is ensured by a tactile indicator.

The newly introduced height adjustment turret of the MAKpro 5-25x56i HD is a proprietary design patented by MAK and Kilic Feintechnik GmbH. It consists of an indicator that emerges from the top of the turret. As soon as the second rotation plane is reached during range adjustment, it indicates this to the shooter. The shooter always knows on which number of the scale the dial is adjusted on and which of the two scales on the turret he/she has to read. In the right turret, the user finds the mrad windage adjustment, the left turret offers the parallax adjustment, together with the compartment for the battery and the reticle illumination control. The latter offers 11 settings, and MAK has always included an off position between the levels. This allows you to always return to the last position after switching off.

The MAKpro 5-25x56i HD comes to the customer for a price of 3,208 euros (MSRP). In addition to the glass, you get a MAKmilmont block mount compatible with Picatinny rails and also an outdoor case, the matching hex key, protective caps, an optics cloth and the user manual.

Electronics at MAK: the MAKcam (V4)

The MAKcam V4 can be mounted on the eyepiece adapter of the scope in just one step.

With the MAKcam, MAK has long offered a camera that allows a recording or third parties to observe the target recording directly through the scope, while the shooter's view is not obstructed. Currently, the MAKcam is in its fourth iteration on the market (V4). MAK presented the original model at IWA in 2014.

In addition to the image quality – recordings in 2592x1944 pixels are possible – the live function in particular has been further developed in the V4 version now available: this makes it possible, for example, to evaluate the field of view (thanks to different addresses in the WiFi, also from different MAKcams) in official deployment scenarios. Of course, the function is also suitable for the education and training of hunters and sport shooters.

Operation is child's play: the user mounts the MAKcam directly on the eyepiece adapter of his target optics, with up to 30x magnification lenses possible. The cam can then be operated either via an app or directly on the device itself. The signal can either be recorded using an SD card of up to 128 GB, or live using an HDMI connection. In addition, there is of course the mentioned Wi-Fi functionality in the 2.4 GHZ standard. With an extension station, a transmission of up to 1000 meters is possible.

The MAKatalog 2022

In addition to these three highlights, MAK naturally offers many more innovative products from all three of the presented theme worlds. The complete range of the manufacturer can be found in the current MAK Catalog 2022 which is also available online with a practical scroll function. 

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