ThermTec thermal imagers put to the test: Cyclops 340D, Cyclops 635Pro and 319Pro

The entire range of ThermTec Cyclops devices, consisting of the Cyclops, Cyclops Pro and Cyclops D series, is characterised by the use of innovative software solutions and ingeniously intuitive operation using a joystick, which has been specially designed for one-handed operation. Furthermore, each model impresses with its rugged finish, excellent feel and ergonomically optimised design, which ensures comfortable handling. The sophisticated design and advanced technology of Cyclops thermal imaging monoculars set new standards in the industry and reflect ThermTec's philosophy of developing innovative solutions that enrich and simplify the hunter's everyday life.

The technical differences between the ThermTec D series and Pro series thermal imagers

The AI-supported range estimation of the ThermTec Cyclops thermal imaging cameras is now accurate to within a few meters and can detect objects based on an AI database and calculate the distance based on their size and proportion.

A key aspect that distinguishes the devices in the D series from those in the Pro series is the specific focus of their functions and technical specifications. The D series, represented by the Cyclops 340D among others, is characterised above all by its optical zoom capability. This allows the user to switch flexibly between different focal lengths and thus adapt the observation distance or field of view to the respective situation. This flexibility is particularly advantageous for users who want to cover a wide range of observation scenarios, from a wide overview to a focussed detailed view.

In contrast, the Pro series, which includes the Cyclops 635Pro and 319Pro, places a stronger focus on image quality and sharpness. These devices utilise high-quality sensors and lenses to deliver an exceptionally clear and detailed thermal image. The Pro series is therefore ideal for users who place the highest value on precise imaging and the ability to recognise the finest details even in unfavourable weather conditions or in complex environments.

To summarise, the choice between the D-Series and the Pro-Series depends on the specific user requirements and preferences. While the D-series impresses with its versatility, the Pro-series offers unrivalled image quality and sharpness for demanding observation tasks. Both series therefore complement each other perfectly and cover a wide range of applications in hunting and nature observation.

Reference images for image detail and image quality of the Cyclops D and Pro series: the fence in the background is 160 metres to 165 metres away, there are two hares in the foreground

Cyclops 340D
Cyclops 340D with optical zoom
Cyclops 635Pro
Cyclops 319Pro

Purpose of the Cyclops thermal imagers from ThermTec

Keno Johannsen aka Waldfein testing the Cyclops 340D, 635Pro and 319Pro in the field,

I still realise that not everyone interested in thermal imaging devices is familiar with the details of choosing the right device for the intended purpose. For example, there is often speculation about the dynamic range of the thermal radiation in comparison to the lens diameter. To help you choose the right device, I would like to draw on my experience in photography.

The F value indicates the lens aperture and is therefore the decisive value for the incidence of light or, in our case, for the incidence of heat radiation. The devices used in the test all have an aperture / F-value of 1.0 and therefore offer the most common value for thermal imaging devices at present.

The focal length of thermal imaging devices is specified in millimetres, just as with camera lenses. As with camera lenses, a smaller value stands for a wide-angle field of view/image field and a larger value for a deeper telephoto range. In short, a device with a 19-mm lens has a wider field of view, especially for use in the forest or at the hunting ground. A 35-mm or even 50-mm lens has more zoom and is therefore ideally suited for night hunting in the field.

What can the ThermTec Cyclops devices offer in detail?

Cyclops 340D

The Cyclops 340D is characterised by its optical zoom function, which allows the user to switch between 20-mm wide angle and 40-mm zoom. This flexibility is particularly useful for capturing both wide landscapes and specific targets in the distance. The ability to optimise the focus for both zoom levels offers a clear advantage in use.

Cyclops 635Pro and 319Pro

The Pro series, consisting of the 635Pro and the 319Pro, impresses with a particularly sharp image. These devices offer excellent basic equipment for observation with thermal imaging technology. The high image quality results from the combination of high-quality sensors and lenses installed in these models.

Cyclops thermal imagers in comparison: specs and prices

Model:Cyclops 340DCyclops 319ProCyclops 635Pro
Resolution:384 x 288384 x 288640 x 512
Detection  Range:2,000 m980 m1,750 m
Indetification Range (human):1,000 m340 m860 m
Pixel Pitch:12 µm12 µm12 µm
Spectral Range:8-14µm8-14µm8-14µm
Frame Rate:50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz
Objective Lens:20/40 F1.0 Dual-FOV19 mm (F/1.0)35 mm (F/1.0)
Field of View:13.1°x9.9° / 6.6°x4.9°13.8°x10.4°12.5°x10°
Weight:550 g550 g550 g
Size:200x66x62 mm67×63×190 mm67×63×190 mm
Protection Level:IP67IP67IP67
Battery Life:12 hours12 hours12 hours
Price (RRP in Germany):1,990 euro

1,249 euro

1,890 euro

ThermalTec Cyclops thermal imagers in conjunction with the smartphone: the Smart Thermal app

A look at the Smart Thermal app: It increases the range of functions of the Cyclops devices from ThermalTec.

The Smart Thermal app, which enables a direct connection to the Cyclops monoculars, is also very effective. It integrates GPS tracking to increase safety during field activities through real-time motion tracking. Users can download captured photos and videos directly to their smartphone to easily share exciting moments with others. The ability to download firmware in advance and update offline ensures that the device always has the latest features. A particular strength of the app is the live view in full-screen mode, which enables immediate viewing and recording of the action. The app also offers a ballistic calculation function that generates customised target solutions for perfect shot placement. Alerts when targets are recognised and the option to remotely control the device increase user-friendliness and efficiency. The Smart Thermal app is therefore a comprehensive tool for hunters that extends the functionality of thermal imaging devices and enables an optimised hunting experience.

The ThermTec Cyclops with the accessories included in the scope of delivery. The accessories are the same for all devices in the Cyclops, Cyclops Pro and Cyclops D series.

ThermalTec Cyclops D and Pro series thermal imagers: practical application and conclusion

Practical use of the devices on the hunting ground shows that each model has its own specific strengths. While the 340D impresses with its zoom flexibility, the Pro models offer unrivalled image sharpness. The Smart Thermal app rounds off the package by offering a variety of functions for efficient hunting and observation.

All in all, the Cyclops thermal imaging devices and the Smart Thermal app offer a comprehensive and powerful system for hunting and nature observation that impresses with its technological innovation and practicality. Last but not least, the very long and above-average battery life also contributes to this.

The characteristics of the different models described above are important for choosing the right device. We hope that we have been able to provide you with a little buying advice here.

More information on the Cyclops series thermal imaging monoculars can be found on the ThermTec website.

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