Night Pearl: who and what is behind the affordable night vision, thermal imaging and daylight optics made in the EU? A company portrait with a video from manufacturing

Night Pearl night vision and thermal devices as well as daylight optics are manufactured and assembled in the Czech Republic – they are therefore "Made in EU".

Zahori Trade GmbH, based in the Czech Republic, is behind the Night Pearl Sport Optics brand of target and observation optics. The company, which specialises in products for the hunting sector, was founded back in 2000. From the very beginning, it intended to integrate not only imported quality brands, but also high-quality products from its own production into its portfolio. In 2007, Zahori Trade expanded its range to include high-performance night vision devices for the Czech market. Shortly afterwards, in 2009, the company's own brand Night Pearl added optical devices and accessories that were specially tailored to the contemporary requirements of hunters. By 2016, Zahori Trade had accumulated enough equity to take another step towards the future and expand its capacities in conjunction with EU funding. The owners invested not only in a new development centre for the Night Pearl products, but also in state-of-the-art production and assembly facilities.

Night Pearl's product portfolio also includes thermal imaging attachments such as this model from the SEER series. Night Pearl also manufactures clip-on adapters for riflescopes.

The company now covers the entire product range of thermal imaging and night vision devices from its own production under the Night Pearl brand. In the thermal imaging segment, this includes handhelds, attachments and thermal aiming devices, as well as mounting adapters for clip-on devices. In the night vision segment, the Czechs manufacture monoculars and binoculars, adapters and also aiming devices for the in-house Night Pearl range. And last but not least, the first daylight optics from the Night Pearl brand were added last year, with the MANUL model series of riflescopes currently available through RWS authorised dealers. If you would like to see the quality and price-performance ratio of these riflescopes for yourself, simply ask your gun dealer or gunsmith who stocks RWS products: they may already have some in stock or be able to procure them at short notice.

Night Pearl optical products are manufactured and assembled within the European Union. What are the benefits?

Night Pearl utilises state-of-the-art manufacturing processes that are also used for the production of relevant military products. Digital collimators working with microchannel image intensifiers, which are used to adjust and control night vision devices, as well as collimators for thermal imaging are a necessary and essential part of the production process. "All instruments are set with absolute accuracy. Customers purchasing Night Pearl can be sure that all entry and exit checks have been performed professionally and that the purchased product is fully ready for use."

Video: manufacturing of a Night Pearl SEER attachment

Night Pearl's production staff are bound by strict quality standards.

Speaking of quality: since Zahori launched the Night Pearl brand, the manufacturer has placed great emphasis on modern and careful manufacturing processes. In addition to a price/performance-oriented sales policy, Night Pearl aims to offer the buyers of its products a customer service that extends far beyond the purchase. The fact that Night Pearl has incorporated the experience and passion of seasoned hunters into the development of its wide range of night vision and thermal imaging devices and, more recently, daylight optics, also speaks in favour of quality – in other words, the products are made by hunters for hunters.

The manufacturer's confidence in its own quality and the aforementioned customer service are also reflected in the guarantee, which extends beyond the statutory warranty period of 24 months. For example, Night Pearl offers a 5-year guarantee on all daylight optics after registering the product on the company website. Even without registration, this is already 3 years, i.e. one year longer than required. If, contrary to expectations, something should go wrong with the product during the guarantee period, the manufacturer promises to repair or replace it within 30 days in the Czech Republic. Even after the warranty has expired, Night Pearl offers a repair service at favourable conditions.

Night Pearl M6 MANUL: brand new and affordable riflescopes

The Night Pearl MANUL M6 riflescopes all have a 6x zoom, a reticle that can be illuminated in six settings in the 2nd focal plane and a nitrogen-filled tube made of high-strength aluminium with a 30-mm main tube. According to the manufacturer, the lenses offer an exceptionally high light transmission of up to 92% in this price segment – perhaps this is why they named the model series after the Manul, a nocturnal Central Asian cat of prey. Obviously, the M6 stands for the six-fold magnification ratio of the lenses in this model series. The price spectrum ranges from the MANUL M6 1-6x24I driven hunting model with a recommended retail price of €699, to the compact MANUL M6 2-12x42I for €899 and the all-rounder MANUL M6 2.5-15x50I for €799, through to the MANUL M6 4.5-27x56I, which is also suitable for twilight hunting, for €920 (German RRP in each case). The MANUL m6 4.5-27x56I Night Pearl riflescope is also an option for long-range sport shooters thanks to its NPMDOT reticle (a Mil-Dot-based SFP Christmas tree reticle). The three other models feature the NP4I reticle, a crosshair based on the classic #4 reticle with a very fine, central illuminated dot. The MANUL M6 binoculars are all supplied with a detachable quick-adjustment lever (throwlever) on the zoom ring and metal flip-up protective caps for the objective lens and eyepiece in contemporary, fully recyclable cardboard packaging.

Night Pearl SEER thermal imaging attachments and HARPIA thermal riflescopes

The current flagship among Night Pearl's thermal riflescopes is the HARPIA 50 MAX, priced at just under €3,800.

In addition to MANUL scopes, the Night Pearl product range also offers thermal riflescopes for countries where night scopes are already permitted. These include, for example, the HARPIA model series, named after the Latin generic name of the harpy bird of prey. In terms of appearance, the HARPIA devices hardly differ from a conventional riflescope and should therefore also appeal to fans of traditional firearms for whom one or two of the competitors' thermal sights look too futuristic. The current flagship model in this thermal imaging riflescope series is the Night Pearl HARPIA 50 Max, priced at €3,782. In some European countries (Germany, for example) night vision devices designed for mounting on guns are prohibited items and therefore they can't be purchased nor possessed. However, the situation is different in some other countries such as Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland and the Netherlands, where hunters are allowed to buy and use such night sights. For hunters there, it is therefore definitely worth taking a closer look at the Night Pearl HARPIA models: the favourably priced Night Pearl SEER 35 Pro (€1,765) and Night Pearl SEER 35 Elite (€1,860, both RRP) attachments.

A few weeks ago at the IWA OutdoorClassics 2024, Night Pearl presented new binoculars with an integrated laser rangefinder: the Night Pearl ORYX 10x42 LRF.

Further information about the manufacturer and its product portfolio can be found on the Night Pearl website.

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