MAKcam V4, the latest generation of target camera now also with live streaming function

The MAKcam V4 is the latest version of the German target camera family developed by the electronics division of Kilic Feintechnik GmbH company. The original model of this target camera already attracted a great deal of attention at IWA 2014 among representatives of the military and law enforcement, especially police forces, but also among hunters and sport shooters.

The MAKcam v4 still offers the shooter sufficient eye relief.

Like the very first MAKcam, the latest V4 version of the MAKcam can also be mounted directly on a riflescope eyepiece without hindering the shooter during the aiming, thanks to the included adapter. 

The camera can be attached to the adapter in seconds. The shooter looks through the camera and sights the target as usual, and the compact MAKcam can then simultaneously record or photograph exactly what the shooter sees through the scope. 

In addition, all operating and adjustment functions on the scope can still be used without restriction. The IP67-certified waterproof housing of the MAKcam V4 is made of black anodized aluminum and is quite compact at 82x80x33 millimeters. 

The camera adapter, which weighs only 238 grams, fits all riflescopes and spotting scopes with an eyepiece diameter of 40 to 46 millimeters. The camera can be used for optics with magnifications of up to 30x.

MAKcam V4: improvement through advances in electronics

The MAKcam V4 can be attached to the eyepiece adapter and removed again in just one step.

In the field of electronics a lot has changed since 2014, of course: today, photos and videos created during aiming can either be recorded on the 64/128 GB memory card in the camera or displayed on a monitor via HDMI cable. Alternatively, they can also be streamed live with secure WP2A WiFi to mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, but also to a PC connected via the network. With a special expansion module, the streaming range of the local WiFi can be increased from 300 meters up to 1,000 meters under optimal conditions.

The new live streaming function enables further areas of application for the MAKcam V4

The live streaming of the target image naturally opens up completely different options in addition to pure documentation. During police operations or exercises, for example, the live image can provide the supervisor in the operations control center with important information for assessing the situation and thus significantly support the issuing of orders. Speaking of exercises: the live function can obviously also be used in shooting training, and not only in the military/LE sector, but also in shooting courses for prospective hunters, for example. The shooting instructor or trainer sees the same target image that the shooter sees through the target optics and can thus detect and correct errors directly. For this purpose, it is advantageous that each camera in the V4 series has its own address in the WiFi, so that the streams of several MAKcams can be displayed simultaneously on one screen if required.

Operation is possible directly on the MAKcam V4 or via app 

The camera is operated via three rubber-armored buttons directly on the camera. It can optionally be operated via an Android or IOS app as well as via Windows PC over WiFi, just like the setup. Power is supplied by a lithium-polymer battery, which is claimed to last up to 300 minutes depending on the type of use.

Availability, price and scope of delivery of the new MAKcam V4 

The MAKcam V4 can now be ordered from the MAK Feintechnik GmbH online store at a price of 3,355 euros (including VAT, plus shipping costs). There you can also find information about the respective delivery times. The MAKCam V4 comes in a padded, handy outdoor case. In addition to the camera, the mounting adapter and the English-language user manual, it also contains an HDMI cable, a charging cable, an AC charger, a car charger, an Allen wrench and an optics cleaning cloth.

MAKcam V4 specs and price

Manufacturer / Model:
MAK / MAKcam V4
3,355 euro
Memory Card:
64 GB
2592x1944 px (Full HD)
Recording Formats:
mp4, jpeg
Battery Life:
150 min (mixed use)
HDMI and 2.4 GHz WiFi (Android and IOS compatible)
IP 67
Eyepiece Mounts:
Ø 40 - 46 mm
82 x 80 x 33 mm
8.39 oz/238 g

Further information about the new MAKcam V4 and the online store can be found on the MAK Feintechnik GmbH website.

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