MKM "Raut" knife: ruggedness comes first

In the previous all4shooters article dedicated to a Mikita knife we ​​presented the model Fara. Now it's time to talk about another project by Lucas Burnley developed for the Maniago Knife Makers, the Raut. It is also named after a Friuli mountain, in Italy, but while the Fara is an EDC (Every Day Carry - fine and light everyday knife), the Raut features a more powerful look and technical solutions aimed at the maximum speed of use and safety. 

Please watch our exclusive video about the MKM Raut folding knife:

MKM "Raut" knife: a flipper opening in two versions

The different Raut liveries
MKM  presents 4 different Raut liveries: from the left, blue liners and carbon fiber scales, then green, black and orange G10 scales with blue or natural anodized titanium liners.

The Raut model is available in two versions that differ in the position of the flipper that controls the opening: side or front. For those who have never used it, the front flipper may require a short period of habituation, but also thanks to the blade rotation pin on ball bearings, the opening is still smooth and very quick.

The substantial difference between the two versions is that in the one with the traditional flipper system when the blade is closed the small flipper protrudes a few millimeters from the back of the knife, while with the front flipper there is no increase, albeit minimal, of the lateral bulk.

The 3.35”/85 mm long and 0.16” / 4 mm thick blade of the MKM Raut is made of Böhler M390 Microclean steel with a modified Wharncliffe profile and a “stone washed” finish. The design of the blade is embellished by two swedges on the back that accentuate its sinuous shape. The Wharncliffe profile in EDC knives could be compared to the Santoku profile in kitchen knives: in its "pure" version it includes a straight blade edge and the back that curves down towards the tip.

MKM Raut with blue anodized titanium liners and carbon fiber scales
The model with blue anodized titanium liners and carbon fiber scales. The clip is also titanium and sports the same finish.
The blade with modified Wharncliffe profile of the MKM Raut knife.
The blade with modified Wharncliffe profile is M390 steel and measures 3.35”/85 mm in length with a thickness of 0.16” / 4 mm.

It is a blade shape particularly suitable for small-sized knives as it enables cutting with extreme precision but not particularly suitable for heavy work. In the case of the Raut the edge maintains a certain curve, allowing to better exploit the blade strength without sacrificing the "cutter" type tip.

The locking system, defined as "hybrid", is in fact a frame lock given the very thick bar that holds the blade in open position. However, unlocking does not require Herculean strength but is rather smooth, a sign of meticulous workmanship on the parts in mutual contact.

Detail of the frame lock hybrid locking system of the MKM Raut
Detail of the very effective liner / frame lock hybrid locking system

Grip frame and backspacer are titanium and here too there is a double option, as you can have the Raut with blue and/or titanium colored anodized liners. To this option you must also add the different grip scales, in green, orange and green G10 or carbon fiber. The surface of the G10 scales is finely textured and offers a firm purchase on the knife. The handle shape is very comfortable even for those with larger than average hands. All handle screws are Torx type, made of stainless steel. The clip is also titanium, with a finish matching that of the liners; it allows the knife to be carried "tip up" (with the tip pointing upwards) and is easily removable. The Raut is however shipped in a Nylon case which also contains the warranty certificate

To conclude, the Raut is a very rugged knife, built without sparing materials and workmanship. It therefore belongs to a medium / high price range for an industrial product, but not too high: around 230 euro for the models with G10 grip scales and 260 euro for those with carbon fiber grips.

MKM "Raut": technical data, weight and sales price:

Manufacturer: Mikita
Model: Raut

Lucas Burnley


flipper folding knife

Locking system: 

hybrid frame / liner lock


Wharncliffe, modified

Blade length: 3.35” / 85 mm
Blade thickness: 0.16” / 4 mm
Overall length: 8.03”/ 204 mm
Handle material: 

titanium liners, G10 or carbon fiber grips


yes, titanium

Weight: 5.64-5.82 oz / 160-165 grams
Price: from around 230 to 260 euro

For more information about the Raut model knife, please visit Consorzio Coltellinai di Maniago website.

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