MKM Arvenis: form and substance

Arvenis is a mountain in the Carnic Alps, in Italy, almost two thousand meters high: the third knife in the Mikita collection, the last of the series designed by Lucas Burnley, is named after it. Available in different versions, the MKM Arvenis is a knife with a flipper opening mechanism and a medium-sized liner lock closure, with an 3.34” / 85 mm blade for an overall length of 8” / 203 millimeters and a weight that – according to the material of the scales – varies between 3.9 oz and 5 oz (112-143 grams).

Blades of the MKM Arvenis
In addition to the Boheler M390 Microclean steel blade with stone-washed finish, the Arvenis is available with a black PVD coated or Damasteel's Vinland Damascus blade.

The blade featuring a drop point profile and flat grind is made from Boheler M390 Microclean steel and is 3.34” / 85 mm long with a thickness of 0.15” / 4 mm. On standard models the blade has a stone-washed finish, while on the model with a carbon fiber handle it sports a matt black PVD-type coating. Finally, the top-of-the-range model features a Damasteel Vinland Damascus blade. In all cases, the blade is tempered to 58-60 HRC.

The quality of blade machining is excellent, in particular the perfect design of the opening pinball stands out: it features a smooth profile that does not scratch or prick your finger, yet it can be easily operated with the thumb and allows to open the blade without any hesitation also thanks to the rotation on ball bearings.

The grip, or rather the scales

Different versions of the MKM Arvenis
The different versions of the MKM Arvenis. From left, with G10 handle and aluminum, gray, red, orange and green insert, with carbon fiber handle and titanium insert and with titanium handle and Damascus insert.

The MKM Arvenis is available in three versions, one of which has four variants. Let's start with the flagship model FX01-D featuring a Ti6AI4V grade 5 titanium handle with Vinland Damascus insert on each scale; spacer, rotation pin ring and clip are titanium. The weight of the Damascus / titanium version is 143 grams.

The FX01-MCT model, on the other hand, features a handle consisting of a top scale in marbled carbon fiber with a Ti6AI4V grade 5 titanium insert while the lower scale is  3D-machined Ti6AI4V grade 5 titanium, with no insert. The screws are stainless steel, ring nut, clip and spacer are titanium with black PVD coating. The weight of this model is 3.9 oz / 112 grams, the lowest in the series. Finally, the basic model is called FX01-MG and has a black G10 handle with an aluminum insert on both sides in gray, green, red or orange. Spacer and ring nut are anodized aluminum, screws and clips are stainless steel. Weight is 4.6 oz / 130 grams.

MKM Arvenis, the charm of detail

A detail of the Damascus steel blade version
A detail of the Damascus steel blade version. The flipper is a small masterpiece of design: tapered but easy to operate. Note the titanium screws.

The designer, Lucas Burnley, did an excellent job here too, creating for the MKM Arvenis a handle that’s very traditional in design and "feeling", allowing for a very good grip thanks also to the roughness offered by the 3D machining. The inserts in Damascus, titanium or aluminum, does not have any practical function but make the knife very pleasant to the touch and easily recognizable.

The MKM Arvenis is a knife to be watched closely. An old saying holds that "the devil hides in the details": well, we can say that "the good knifemaker reveals himself in details". Just look at the titanium clip machined from a solid block, or the way the titanium, aluminum or Damascus steel inserts are made and above all their coupling, to understand that we are dealing with a product that can easily send to bed without dinner the offspring of the most famous American brands. Another really elegant detail is the steel plate screwed to the closing lockbar in the titanium-scale models, which can be replaced in case of wear.

The MKM Arvenis in practice

MKM Arvenis with G10 handle 
In its simplest and cheapest version, with G10 handle and aluminum inserts, the MKM Arvenis is a reliable tool for everyday use.

We have seen in detail the aesthetics of the Arvenis knife, now it's time to take care of the practical aspect. Let's say that from a knife that costs around 250 euro in its basic version we expected a lot, but we were not disappointed. The pinball opening, as already mentioned, is very smooth but always positive. The blade opens and locks firmly even if the pressure is not exaggerated. The liner lockbar engages the heel of the blade securely and with an audible "click" but the release is just as smooth as the opening.

As far as the blade is concerned, the Boheler M390 Microclean steel proves to be a winning choice since it offers an excellent cutting capacity enhanced by the profile with flat grind and by the profile of the cutting edge, which offers a good compromise between strength and precision. In our practical test we cut jute and sisal ropes of good diameter and leather scraps, obtaining very clean and precise cuts. The quality of construction and components is certainly higher than average, and even a lot.

The titanium scales of the MKM Arvenis
The titanium scales are 3D-machined and are both functional and beautiful.

In the Damascus steel blade version the MKM Arvenis costs almost 700 euro and we can safely say that it is the most expensive industrial production knife we ​​have ever presented to you here on all4shooters. It may seem too much, but it is still less than what you would pay for similar US or Japanese products. Surely it is a niche product, but given its great quality / price ratio, it will certainly succeed in finding its own way. The version with aluminum handle has nothing to envy to the more posh models and is certainly destined to be noticed. The price of around 240 euro is appropriate for the quality.

MKM Arvenis knife: technical data

Mikita - Maniago Knife Makers
Designer:Lucas Burnley
Locking system: 
liner lock
Blade profile: 
drop point
Blade length: 3.34” / 85 mm
Blade thickness: 
0.15” / 4 mm
Overall length: 

8” / 203 mm

Handle:titanium, carbon fiber or G10 
yes, titanium or steel
Blade steel: Boheler M390 Microclean 58-60 HRC
3.9 - 5 oz / 112-143 g
from 240 to 670 euro approx. (prices may vary depending on local taxes)

For more information about the Arvenis model knife, please visit Consorzio Coltellinai di Maniago website.

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