Consorzio Coltellinai di Maniago (Maniago Knife Makers)

Maniago is a town in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Norhtern Italy, where blades are being produced since the 14th century. Over the years, Maniago's manufacturing vocation became more and more rooted in the territory, and with the Italian economic boom of the 1960s, many companies that had survived for generations as family and craft businesses became flourishing industries that were keen to export their products abroad. In 1960 a group of local companies founded the Consorzio Coltellinai di Maniago (Maniago Knife Makers Consortium) in order to promote local production and protect the quality of "Made in Italy" products.
The product sectors represented and protected by the Consortium range from sports knives to agricultural tools, from corkscrews to professional blades and from kitchen to cutlery.

In 2018 the MIKITA (Maniago Innovation Knives Italy) project, coordinated by the Consortium, was launched: it is a business network made up of four of the main local producers of sports knives, namely Fox Knives, Lionsteel, Mercury and Viper, who created a line of exclusive knives, entrusting the Maniago Knife Makers Consortium with exclusive distribution and the possibility of selling these products under the new MKM (Maniago KnifeMakers) brand.
At the Atlanta Blade Show in 2018, the first line of Mikita knives won the "Best Collaboration of the Year" award.

The 2018 MKM collection consists of four folding models and a fixed blade model named after the mountains surrounding Maniago. They are:

MKM Arvenis, a folding knife designed by Lucas Burnley;

MKM Clap, a folding knife designed by Robert Terzuola;

MKM Fara, a folding knife designed by Lucas Burnley;

MKM Raut, a folding knife designed by Lucas Burnley;

MKM Jouf, a fixed-blade knife designed by Robert Terzuola.

The MKM line knives belong to the medium-high range of industrial production and are available with different combinations of handles and blades, from olive wood to titanium, from stainless steel to Damascus steel. Building on the great success of the 2018 collection, for 2019 the project was continued with a collection named after the rivers of Friuli, consisting of four models, all folding knives:

MKM Cellina, designed by Lucas Burnley;

MKM Colvera, designed by Jesper Voxnaes;

MKM Isonzo, designed by Jesper Voxnaes;

MKM Timavo, designed by Jesper Voxnaes.

The MIKITA 2019 collection was presented at the IWA in Nuremberg in 2019.

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