MKM knives at SHOT Show 2019: here's where you can see them

All the knives of the MKM series next to the “Collaboration of the Year” award won in 2018 at the Blade Show in Atlanta.

Because of the long waiting list for a stand in the favored position, this year the Maniago Knife Makers will not exhibit directly at the SHOT Show. However, fans can see the full MKM product range at the booths of the companies that take part in the project and are present in Las Vegas, namely Fox, Lion Steel and Viper.

Despite the fact that the manufacturers’ names are all in English and take inspiration from the animal world, behind them there is a lot of Italian national pride and above all Italian creativity without any compromise. The link with the geographical area of origin is also stressed by the choice to baptize each model with the name of places and mountains that surround the Italian city of Maniago: Arvenis, Clap, Fara, Jouf and Raut. For the design only, the Maniago Knife Makers turned to two international renowned masters, Lucas Burnley and Bob Terzuola.

The knives are characterized by the presence of two brands on them, one is MKM’s and the other is the brand of the company in charge of most of the knife manufacturing process, always bearing in mind that the various production stages were shared between all the companies of the MIKITA (Maniago Innovation Knives ITAly) network

They were presented as prototypes at the 2018 Blade Show in Atlanta where they won the "Collaboration of the Year Award". Now finally the production has reached full capacity and the knives of the MKM series are back to the USA seeking for business success, after collecting the critical acclaim.

As said before, visitors to the SHOT Show 2019 will be able to admire the MKM knives at the booths of the single manufacturers involved in the project: Lion Steel (stand 11731) will showcase the Clap model designed by Bob Terzuola, Viper (stand 11936) will exhibit the Raut designed by Lucas Burnley while Fox Knives (stand 11931), in addition to the two Arvenis (folding models) and fixed blade Jouf models, will showcase the entire collection.

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