Even on its 50th anniversary, IWA OutdoorClassics 2024 remains visionary. Why are trade fairs so important today?

This is what it looked like outside the entrance to the IWA OutdoorClassics in Nuremberg in 2023. The organisers are expecting at least as many visitors this year.

IWA OutdoorClassics, which is the full title and "IWA" for short, is the last trade fair in the first quarter of 2024 – after the SHOT Show, Hohe Jagd, Jagd & Hund and also after the EOS in Verona. Nevertheless, there is a good reason why the event for trade and industry is so enormously important for the sector even after the consumer trade fairs. Of course, it is true that not all manufacturers are currently presenting their products exclusively to a trade audience for the first time at the IWA, or even waiting until the IWA for a world premiere. This is because some national and international manufacturers have detached their product presentation cycles from the dates of the trade fairs and now present new products on two tracks. Often first to end consumers and then to the specialised trade. The focus is therefore shifting. However, one fact cannot be dismissed out of hand:

The big trump card of the IWA is the internationality of the trade visitors

Even in the hustle and bustle of the IWA OutdoorClassics 2024, there is still time to explain the technical details of new products to visitors in detail.
Touching is more convincing than leafing through catalogs or browsing websites. The first product check is usually carried out at IWA OutdoorClassics 2024: it just has to fit.

The IWA OutdoorClassics attracts manufacturers from all over the world with its international character: in 2023, the trade fair welcomed to Nuremberg 34,000 visitors from 119 countries. A figure that no comparable trade fair in Germany or Europe can match. For international trade visitors in particular, the IWA 2024 is still probably the best opportunity to see new products live for the first time and to test them or at least hold them in their hands. Despite national product presentations being brought forward, many international specialist retailers usually see the year's new products for the first time at the IWA. It clearly speaks in favour of IWA OutdoorClassics that specialist retailers from all over the world use precisely this platform to find out about new products. Basically, it is a question of efficiency for the trade visitors and also the special flair of a business environment without end customers. So it's clear: IWA OutdoorClassics is not a hunting and sports trade fair like any other, it has a special charm and a special attraction for business-relevant topics. And this will remain the case in the future. As things stand today, there will be no consumer days at the IWA in future either. The IWA has worked hard over the past 50 years to achieve this unique position among all the trade fairs. Even if the role of an order fair is much less pronounced today than it was many years ago. This is because the character of successful trade fairs and their role in the context of the market and competition has also changed over the decades. The IWA therefore moves with the times and that's a good thing.

Trade fairs as trend indicators: what is behind the term "IWA Vision"?

At the 50th IWA OutdoorClassics, we are not just looking back, but daring to look ahead and break new ground: that is the idea behind "IWA Vision".

Half a century and 50 years of history naturally offer IWA OutdoorClassics the opportunity this year to reminisce and report on the many success stories of the past. But of course, today more than ever, a trade fair must also consider how it can remain relevant and attractive for exhibitors and trade visitors in the future.

To this end, IWA OutdoorClassics has come up with something very special for its anniversary year 2024 and is presenting the ambitious "IWA Vision" idea just in time for the anniversary. IWA Vision is by no means a reinvention of the trade fair, nor is it a ground-breaking innovation in terms of addressing the target group. Nevertheless, with "IWA Vision" the IWA communicates its variety of innovations and trends in an impressive way. In this way, visitors and exhibitors learn what's new in the trade fair environment and are made aware of the numerous opportunities that IWA 2024 offers on relevant, new topics through this communication.

Every year, IWA OutdoorClassics offers numerous opportunities to highlight new products, such as here in the New Product Center at IWA 2023. In the anniversary year 2024, for example, 17 start-up companies will present their ideas in the new Newcomer Area (of which there are naturally no photos yet).
The Newcomer Area, on show for the first time at IWA OutdoorClassics 2024.

This year, for example, the trendy Newcomer Area is fully booked with 17 exhibitors. There will be numerous presentations on topics relevant to the future – including artificial intelligence (AI), the retail of the future and much more. There will also be the opportunity to try out the latest pioneering technologies live on site and experience them for yourself. This year, for example, the product innovation from technology manufacturer MXR Tactics involves realistic, or as we call it today, "immersive" training scenarios. This creates a completely new, impressive type of simulation that is best seen live. These new possibilities will definitely help interested trade visitors to recognise trends more quickly and experience them for themselves at the trade fair. This is exactly what the innovative "IWA Vision Concept" conveys in a very smart way. A comparison of the visual appearance of the areas alone shows that a "new wind" is blowing here.

What else should trade visitors know about IWA OutdoorClassics 2024?

New ideas virtually in passing: every IWA OutdoorClassics involves a lot of movement – after all, more than 1,100 exhibitors are ready to present their products in seven exhibition halls in the anniversary year 2024. This requires a well-prepared schedule and good footwear.

Shortly before the start of the trade fair, you should pay particular attention to the details of your visit: you should start preparing for the trade fair in good time. Some exhibitors are already busy arranging appointments with the most important sales representatives, and you should not lose sight of the varied supporting programme. So use the exhibitor database provided by the organiser to filter product innovations and make appointments. As every year, we expect IWA 2024 to be a hive of activity in the halls and a very communicative atmosphere in an environment of business, personal contacts and new trends.

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The key dates for the IWA OutdoorClassics 2024

IWA OutdoorClassics will take place from February 29 to March 3, 2024, in Nuremberg.

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