Kahles Long Range Competition Day 2019: a report

KAHLES Dynamic Long Range Competition 2019

Man with precision rifle.
Despite high accuracy requirements, the competition also had a dynamic component.

On August 29-30, 2019, the third Kahles Dynamic Long Range Competition was held in Felixdorf, in Lower Austria. In cooperation with the Austrian Army, Kahles had once again organized a varied and challenging shooting event. The international group of participants experienced a demanding and therefore exciting competition.

Summer weather enabled good and fair conditions for all shooters. During the competition temperatures were around 30-34 ºC and wind force was 2-5 meters per second.

Shooter in lying position
The majority of the stages were contested in a lying position.

The 1st competition day at Kahles 2019

Punctually at 12:30 the match started after an intensive briefing of the participants. They had to face different stages with always varying goals, distances and times. Two things made the competition even more difficult for the shooters: ammunition was strictly regulated and shooters were surprised with water baths or a covered riflescope. Nevertheless, many participants showed incredible performances. Without any special incidents, the competition could end at 18:30 o'clock.

The competition stages in detail

I - Sius 400 - 1200 m
2 minutes
II - covered scope challenge 500 m
2 minutes trailer
III - distraction alpha 500 - 1000 m
2 minutes hill
IV -distraction bravo 500 - 1000 m
2 minutes hill
V - tire frustration 500 - 600 m
2 minutes water-filled tyres
VI - slalom 400 - 900 m
2 minutes truck
VII - sequence 500 - 700 m
2 minutes truck

Dynamic Long Range Competition 2019, the 2nd day 

Participants in the shooting line of the competition
Participants in the shooting line were hardly 10 cm apart. 

The 2nd day began with bright sun and noticeable tension among all participants, which grew out of the fact that nobody knew which challenges had to be mastered next. At the briefing at 9:30 a.m. the shooters learned that it was necessary to fire at different and complex paper targets set at 400 meters. Shooters were lying one after the other, barely 10 cm apart. Threaded up in a 70 m long line the given missions had to be completed in shortest time intervals. Those who had precise knowledge of correct operation of the riflescope turrets and were able to adjust their optics were clearly at an advantage here.

At 3:00 pm the competition was finished and the winners could be honored by the commander-in-chief of the Office for armaments and military technology, Felixdorf, Brigadier M. Janisch. The three Kahles main prizes were presented to them.

Further information and pictures of the 2019 competition can be found on Kahles webpages  .

The three winners were able to get the 2019 Kahles main prizes

Aleksandr Kravtsov Russia
Aleksei Chernobrovkin Russia
Sergei Emelianov Russia
The winners of the KAHLES Long Range Competition Day 2019
Aleksandr Kravtsov (1.), Aleksei Chernobrovkin (2.) and Sergei Emelianov (3.) could secure the podium.

The Kahles Long Range Competition Day in 2018

The participants of the Kahles Long Range Competition Day 2018.

The long-range athletes had to struggle with very changeable weather. During the Kahles Long Range Competition Day 2018, temperatures fluctuated between 18 and 26°C. The weather was very changeable. Wind speeds of 3 to 10 m/s provided an additional challenge –  and in between it rained lightly

In spite of these conditions, a strict time limit had to be kept and provided for special tension. In 2 blocks, in the morning and afternoon, 5 stages each waited for the long-range shooters: 3 fixed, one falling and one turning target set at distances between 300 and 1,200 m had to be mastered .

The morning round of the Kahles Long Range Competition Day:

Eager bustle while preparing the long range rifles.

After a 15-minute briefing at 8:00 am, the official start signal sounded punctually and exactly according to plans from the loudspeakers. The shooters moved under high time pressure to the assigned stages and began to place their hits. In addition to electronic shot control systems, optical hits were also recorded by the individual Range Officers and transmitted to the technical management – supported by the Austrian Army. This made it possible to follow the shooters' current scores and intermediate scores live on the monitor.

The morning shooting was completed without any relevant incidents and exactly according to the schedule , before the shooters were able to strengthen themselves in a short and well-deserved break.

These stages were to be completed in the morning round:

Stage Distance 
I − the long range
1.200 m 10 rounds without magazine 5 min lying
II − the tank trap
650 m 10 rounds 5 min Igel armored vehicle
III − the slalom 500 - 900 m 10 rounds 5 min lying
IV − the unknown distances unknown distances
6 rounds, 2x per target 
5 min army pick-up, lying
V − the high-seat 300 m 10 rounds 5 min 3 cm Black-Dot, high seat, seated

The afternoon round of the Kahles Long Range Competition Day:

From the loading compartment of an army pick-up, unknown distances had to be covered.

The afternoon round, which took place with an even shorter time limit (-1 min) and at different shooting ranges, started at 2:00 o'clock with little mirage, but with light rain. In the afternoon the shooting distance on Stage IV was unknown to the shooters until the end too, and could not be measured with electronic devices. On this stage the distance had to be determined with a suitable reticle in the first image plane. Long-range shooters had to lie down with their guns on an army pick-up.

Until 7 pm o'clock the tension remained very high, because the final decision arrived only shortly before the end.

These stages were to be completed in the afternoon round:

Stage Distanz Schüsse Zeitlimit Anschlag
I − the long range
1.000 m 8 rounds without magazine 4 min lying
II − the tank trap
550 m 8 rounds 4 min Igel armored vehicle
III − the slalom 450 - 850 m 8 rounds 4 min lying
IV − the unknown distances unknown distances
6 rounds
4 min army pick-up, lying
V − the high-seat 300 m 8 rounds 4 min 3 cm Black-Dot, high seat, seated

Before we show you the winners, here is the video of the long-range competition:

And now we present you the winners of the Kahles Long Range Competition Day 2018!

John-Arthur Skogås (left), Allan Brønden Christensen (center) are the winners of the KAHLES Long Range Competition Day 2018.
The individual competition was won by the Dane Allan Brønden Christensen with a respectable point difference to the second placed, the Norwegian John-Arthur Skogås with K525i.
Long-range shooting stage
The team composed by Frederik Petersen/Jesper Støttrup came third in the team classification, Team Aco Polic/Marko Sterle came second and the Danish team with individual winner Allan Brønden Christensen and his team partner Sandro Zecevic with K525i came first.  

We already had the chance to test the KAHLES K525i 5-25x56i

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