EnforceTac 2022: Andres Industries AG announces capital increase due to the current demand of nightvisions in the military segment

In recent years, the unlisted Berlin-based stock corporation has been increasingly successful with its thermal imaging devices for law enforcement and military users. Last year, for example, the company became known as the sole supplier of thermal imaging attachments for retrofitting machine guns (MGs). Typically, MGs have limited space for optical scopes, and the remaining space was not sufficient to mount additional attachments. Andres Industries AG systems are traditionally characterized by their particularly small design. In the case of the TigIR model, only a very short STANAG rail is required for mounting on the machine gun; in the case of the TILO model, none at all. The latter is also a pair of thermal goggles so small that they can be worn on the head, allowing the user to see the surroundings in the thermal range. In the meantime, various Western armies have been supplied with the thermal imaging devices.

The company is now planning to increase its capital this year in order to fully exploit its potential in terms of production capacity and product development. CEO Dr. Björn Andres comments: 

"We have been able to grow continuously over the last few years with an annual increase in sales of approx. 50%. Originally, the plan was to continue to finance this growth rate from our own resources. In recent days and weeks, however, the volumes of projects already negotiated are being increased by a factor of five to ten by our military customers in Europe. These are increases for which our production is now designed, but which we can no longer pre-finance with the liquidity from previous sales."

Whereas the company has so far been in the hands of a few shareholders, its shareholder structure will open up further in the course of the year.

Background of this development is - according to the manufacturer - the current war in Ukraine.

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