Eley High Velocity Hollow .22 Long Rifle rimfire hunting cartridge

Eley High Velocity Hollow is a highly accurate supersonic round with excellent penetration and expansion from the low antimony 40 grs (2,59 grams) soft lead alloy bullet. Eley’s patented black oxidised brass case enhances accuracy by providing a more consistent propellant and primer burn by optimising the contact point between case and bullet.

Eley’s scientific research and performance evaluation has proven the oxidised finish on Eley High Velocity Hollow increases friction between the case and projectile. This regulates and controls the force required to eject the bullet to increase ballistic consistency and accuracy, enhance stability and accuracy, and mitigate the inherent instability caused by supersonic speeds.

Each shot using Eley High Velocity Hollow delivers a lethal and direct blow to vermin and pests. It is the perfect round for hunters and pest controllers who need maximum velocity without compromising on accuracy. 

Bullet vlocity is 381m/s (1250ft/s) at muzzle, 355m/s (1164ft/s) at 50m (55yds) and 332m/s (1088ft/s) at 91m (100yds). Energy is 19.2 Kgm/139.0 ft.lb at muzzle, 16.6 Kgm/120.0 ft.lb at 50m (55yds) and  14.5 Kgm/105.0 ft.lb at 91m/100yds.

Eley High Velocity Hollow will be available in the UK in April 2016, and pre-orders are being taken.

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