New for 2021 from Nextorch: P8 EDC flashlight and P10 right-angle flashlight

Nextorch unveils two new practical flashlights for civilian use too. The first is the P8 model, a particularly small and compact flashlight for everyday carry that nevertheless comes with sophisticated features and 1,200 ANSI lumens. (We have already explained in detail what is behind ANSI lumens and why the specification is important). This is joined by an angled-head light, the P10. The latter combines the decades-old angle design with modern technology. We took a closer look at the flashlights for you:

The Nextorch P8: Compact EDC flashlight in detail.

Nextorch P8 with plug-in charging port

 the USB-C port of the Nextorch P8
Well protected: the USB-C port of the Nextorch P8 is located under the light head.

The P8 comes with a length of only 5.5”/140 centimeters and a weight of 4.9 oz/140 grams. Thus, it can be carried along comfortably, for example, in a trouser pocket. Nevertheless, manufacturer Nextorch specifies an impressive 240 meters max range throw. A permanently installed 18650 lithium-ion battery provides the necessary power, which is charged via a USB-C port. Nextorch has placed this port safely below the light head, so that the flashlight can also comply with a 1-meter water resistance according to IPX-7 standard. For charging, the user must therefore loosen the light head somewhat. In order to have an overview at all times, the Nextorch P8 has four LEDs on the side, indicating the charging status when switched on as well as when changing the operating mode.

Nextorch P8 features 
The front of the Nextorch P8 features a glass breaker made of special ceramic tips.

Nextorch has also designed the P8 as an EDC lamp for personal safety. Therefore, it has two switches: the rear and larger switch located on the side of the housing is used for daily operation. With this, the user changes the modes (30 meters, 115 meters as well as 240 meters) and switches the lamp on and off. The smaller button in front of it is intended as a sort of panic switch – it triggers the bright strobe flash. In case of an emergency, such as an accident, the lamp also comes with a glass breaker made of nano-ceramic tips on the front. This ceramic works by being hard, which allows the glass breaker to be round and non-intrusive.

The P8 is made entirely of an aluminum alloy that is also used in the aerospace industry. This makes it not only waterproof as mentioned but also scratch, shock and impact resistant. It comes to the customer for an MSRP of 45 euros.

Nextorch P10 
The design of the Nextorch P10 allows the user to wear it on clothing, for example. This keeps the hands free.

Features of the Nextorch P10 right angle flashlight

As usual with Nextorch, the P10 right angle flashlight also comes in the mentioned special aluminum alloy and is also scratch, shock and impact resistant. It is even IPX-2 waterproof up to two meters. The operation is supposed to be very easy and intuitive. Users have 1,400 lumens (270 meters), 200 lumens (70 meters), 25 lumens (26 meters) outputs, a stroboscope, a red beacon light function, a flashing red light and an alternating blue and red flashing light at their disposal when switching through the modes.

Nextorch P10 
In addition to the 1,400 lumen LED, the P10 can also be used with red and blue light.

The advantage of this classic, angled design is obvious: in combination with the clip located on the back, the user can easily attach the lamp to clothing, whereby it then always shines forward, comparable to a headlamp. This leaves the hands free: a great advantage, for example, when setting up a tent, fishing or tracking.

This flashlight is also powered by a single 18650 battery, but it is replaceable. Even in the highest power mode, this is enough for a runtime of three hours and 20 minutes according to the manufacturer. The Nextorch P10 is 117.2 millimeters long and weighs 91 grams. It comes to the customer for an MSRP of 59 euros.

You can get more information about Nextorch products on the manufacturer's website.

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