Nextorch – From the manufacturer of flashlights for professional users, the new TA30 MAX

Nextorch TA30 MAX on his package
The T30 MAX is the latest member of the Nextorch T30 series.

After its foundation in 2005, Nextorch developed into a globally operating high-tech company. In addition to its headquarters in South China - where research, development and production are centered – Nextorch also has foreign branches abroad to ensure that it is always close to its customers. Thus, customer wishes and suggestions are incorporated into development via the European headquarters near Solingen, Germany, the US branch near Seattle and the Asian headquarters in Taiwan.

In addition to mobile LED lighting systems, Nextorch also produces the matching accessories, batons, knives and tools. These are partly sold under the brands Tekut (knives) and NexTool (tools).

Each of these products – no matter if flashlights or tools – has in common the great ruggedness. On Nextorch YouTube channel employees love to think up new endurance tests again and again to show how hard-wearing and almost indestructible the products are. To ensure this, Nextorch uses the latest CNC machinery and checks the results with equally modern CNC measuring technology. These qualities are also appreciated by law enforcement officers and the military around the globe. Nextorch strictly adheres to ANSI standards (American National Standards Institute).

Not only the inner values and the sturdy technology speak for Nextorch's flashlights, but also the sophisticated and user-friendly design. Three Red Dot Design Awards speak for themselves.

Take a look at the various professional applications of Nextorch in the video:

Nextorch  TA30 MAX lens
The Nextorch TA30 MAX provides up to 250 meters long light shots – ANSI confirmed.

Nextorch TA30 MAX – The flashlight with a tested 250 meters light long shot

Nextorch's good reputation worldwide is due in part to the reliability and ruggedness of its field-proven TA30 model. In 2019 the TA30 received an update and the maximum output was increased from 1100 to 1300 ANSI lumens. By the way, the T in the model name stands for tactical and thus describes its user target very well.

Nextorch TA30 MAX with FR-2 tactical ring
With the FR-2 tactical ring, the handling of the TA30 MAX can be improved even more.

With the TA30 MAX Nextorch wants to continue this success and increases the performance data significantly. Instead of an output of 1300 ANSI lumens the TA30 MAX provides 2100 lumens. What does that mean in practice? With 2100 ANSI lumens the TA30 MAX has a 250-m flood-light long shot and allows you to perceive and assess a situation from a safe distance. In addition, 2100 ANSI lumens allow you to defend yourself and ward off attackers with the built-in strobe flash. For attackers under the influence of alcohol or narcotics the effect of defensive sprays is often limited – a very bright light can help you to escape a critical situation.

The TA30 MAX provides am output of 2100 ANSI lumens at the highest setting for over 2.5 hours. According to the motto, "It doesn't make sense to build a flashlight with a lot of power, but which only lasts 20 minutes," Nextorch installed a 5.000 mAh rechargeable battery in the T30 MAX, which can be quickly charged with a USB-C connection to a power bank, a computer or the cigarette lighter.

Nextorch TA30 MAX in detail
Like other TA30 models the MAX features both a push and a rotational switch for operation.

As with the other TA30 models, the battery of the MAX is housed in a shockproof and 100% waterproof housing. The Nextorch TA30 MAX bezel is embedded with three nano-ceramic beads to break glass panels in case of need. These glass breakers have already proved their worth on many lamps from Nextorch.

The tailstand on the rear end the TA30 MAX easily turns it into a ceiling floodlight and can thus support the flashlinght during situation meetings. But that is not all: the patented switch is also located there. It consists of a push switch with two modes, halfway pressed for momentary full light output and fully pressed for strobe. The push button switch does not engage. To switch on the continuous light, the TA30 MAX has a rotational switch that provides 4 brightness levels. If necessary, the push button can be used to activate the full brightness even at the lowest continuous light setting. A safety gain if you use the "IN" level with reduced self-dazzling and suddenly an attacker comes towards you.

The TA30 MAX can be purchased for about 120 euro (prices may vary in different countries). You can also buy suitable accessories such as the FR-2 tactical ring for around 15 euro or the V5 tactical holster for 22 euro. The classic TA30 Tactical is available for about 90 euro and to be less conspicuous you can invest around 110 euro for the TA30 Operator Black.

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