Forcetek: technical polo shirts for shooters, a field test

It is a hot sunny day at the "Marco Mercorelli" Shooting Range in San Ginesio (Italy), while we are testing the technical polo shirts that Forcetek manufactures in Drytek for professionals and athletes.

Forcetek technical polo shirts during a dynamic shooting session

Shooter during a dynamic shooting training with Forcetek technical polo
Some moments of the Forcetek polo field trial during a dynamic shooting training.

We are here to test the breathability and comfort that athletes need during training sessions and competitions to keep themselves always dry and focused on their movements.

The Forcetek polo shirts are made of Drytek, a performance fiber that features a "natural" ability to not absorb moisture which, combined with the high surface tension of the fiber itself, allows to convey the sweat to the outside.

Once worn, the garment doesn't hinder the evaporation of perspiration but, on the contrary, favors its dispersion, enabling a natural process of body temperature that allows the body to achieve a correct thermal balance.

Forcetek polo shirts in Drytek
The Forcetek polo shirts in Drytek favors thermoregulation while keeping the body dry.

The Drytek fabric also passed severe tests that demonstrated its compactness and resistance to abrasion and rubbing.

Its initial characteristics (size, color, quality of the fabric) remain unaltered even after numerous washes.

The bacteriostatic qualities of Drytek fabric determines the lack of bad odor, caused by the proliferation of bacterial flora developing in the humid areas of clothing. The Drytek features a specific gravity lower than that of water and has a reduced mass compared to a garment made of standard materials, furthermore it preserves the body’s thermoregulatory capacity even if wet.

These technical polo shirts, like all Forcetek products, are made entirely in Italy and can now be purchased online directly from website.

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