Forcetek: camouflage knitwear line for hunting, training and sport

Forcetek, a made in Italy brand with 30 years of experience in the production of technical knitwear for the military, law enforcement and firefighters, from 2018 makes its products available to sports, hunting, shooting, and outdoor fans in general. 

Forcetek: new Drytek camouflage technical t-shirts line 

At IWA Forcetek introduced the new line of Drytek technical camouflage t-shirts. These are Drytek crew-neck t-shirts with flat seams, ideal for guaranteeing resistance and comfort to the garment.

The snug fit is designed to be worn in the field and ensure thermoregulation, breathability, comfort, antibacterial capacity and long-lasting qualities. The garment can be conveniently worn after washing without ironing.

The Drytek fabric – compact and resistant under any conditions – has as a "natural" feature the capacity to not absorb moisture, which combined with the high surface tension of the fiber itself, allows to convey the sweat outwards.

Once worn, the garment doesn't hinder the evaporation of perspiration but, on the contrary, favors its dispersion, enabling a natural process of body temperature that allows the body to achieve a correct thermal balance.

Thanks to its high insulation properties, Drytek stabilizes and maintains the body temperature in external conditions of high or low temperature. The result is a microclimate that allows the skin to remain dry, but regulating the body temperature. 

The bacteriostatic qualities of Drytek fabric determines the lack of bad odor, caused by the proliferation of bacterial flora developing in the humid areas of clothing.

Forcetek's Drytek camouflage t-shirts are perfect as underwear or as unique garments to wear during hunting or other mid-season activities. The colors available are blue and green. The imminent opening of an e-commerce store will allow the purchase of institutional and Forcetek branded products online.

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