Hunting with Forcetek Drytek

A hunter with Forcetek Drytek t-shirts
The thermoregulation properties of Forcetek's Drytek t-shirts allow hunters to always be at ease during their activity.

I'm just a few days away from my departure when the Forcetek company staff informs me that the technical T-shirts for the trip to Bosnia Herzegovina are ready. They will be my traveling companions during the days of quail hunting with my pointer dogs in the boundless plateau that makes up the territories managed by the “Le Due Regine” hunting agency.

Days of persistent heat that since an hour after dawn remains constant in the large open land in which there is no shelter at all.

Here the Drytek fabric that distinguishes the Forcetek knitwear I'm carrying with me plays a fundamental role. One is a totally green version and a new one with camouflaged sleeves and collar inserts – the Intrepidus model – both designed for sport and hunting. Drytek fiber can convey perspiration to the outside, preventing the hunter from feeling hot and even slowed in movements and reflexes during his activity.

Forcetek Drytek: hunting comfort

Cacciatore durante un momento di caccia
The fit and comfort of Forcetek techanical knitwear ensure freedom of movement during hunting and shooting.

Flat seams and a tight design characterize the fit and comfort of the knitwear that never hamper movements but softly molds to the body.

The thermoregulation effect allows you to wear and therefore enjoy these technical garments both during summer as a top garment, or as a first layer during the winter season to which you can just add a second garment to protect yourself from the cold while remaining always dry.

A natural antibacterial treatment prevents the bacterial flora from generating unpleasant odors during sweating. Moreover, the lightness of Drytek fabric allows the knitwear to dry quickly after each wash without any need for ironing, making these garments the ideal companions for those who like sports and traveling always having a simple, resistant and effective solution at hand.

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