Forcetek: Drytek outfit for winter hunting

Calzamaglia in Drytek Forcetek
The Drytek shirt and underpants by Forcetek protect hunters from thermal variations without hampering movements.

Producing technical knitwear for every season and situation has always been the goal of Forcetek, an Italian company that selects performance fabrics processed through modern technologies.

For sports activities near the winter season Forcetek brand has decided to create a technical outfit exploiting the properties of the Drytek fabric on two items of clothing that can form a first layer, or in the case of the shirt also a garment to be enjoyed by itself in all its comfort during physical activity on temperate days.

We at all4hunters already tested the Drytek outfit during the last winter season, being fully satisfied during some days of hunting in the mountains with pointer dogs, therefore during very intense activity where the freedom of movement, the breathability and the lightness of these garments made the difference in the hard hours of walking.

Forcetek Drytek shirt and underpants

Maglia Forcetek in Drytek
The Drytek shirt by Forcetek protecs hunters from thermal variations.

We appreciate the usefulness of this outfit for those who love stalking hunts and not only for those who are forced to wait long hours to succeed where the environment cold and humidity can be a cause of discomfort and hinder the pure pleasure of hunting.

The comfortable and tight fit of the Forcetek outfit is able to provide heat and convey perspiration to the outside while keeping you warm and dry.

The antibacterial treatment prevents the bacterial flora resulting from perspiration from generating unpleasant odors. The feeling is one of total freedom, although you can actually rely on the full protection deriving from these garments. The color of both the Drytek shirt and underpants is typically green with flat seams that increase the feeling of softness and comfort during movement. Further information on Forcetek products is available and can be found directly online in the E-commerce area of ​​the website.

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