F.A.I.R Leisure Xlight Beccaccia, new 28 ga over-under

The new Leisure Xlight Beccaccia 28 extends F.A.I.R.’s over-under shotgun range. As its name implies, it was designed with particular attention to weight distribution – it does not exceed 2.3 kg, featuring a light alloy Ergal 55 frame with nickel finish and golden engravings dedicated to woodcocks, here depicted in flight.

On the F.A.I.R Xlight Beccaccia sides and on the bottom of the Ergal frame, the golden engraving is a tribute to woodcocks, here depicted in flight.

A further improvement for weight optimization is the lack of a central rib on the barrel group. The mechanical characteristics of the F.A.I.R shotgun are the same as usual, with 62 cm barrels and 70 mm chambers with internal chrome lining, in order to maintain their performance over time. The long forcing cones and the narrow bore ensure high speed and penetration power while mitigating the negative effects of recoil.

The over-under is shipped with a set of 5 internal and interchangeable Technichoke Hunting XP 50 chokes. The selective single-trigger is blued and extraction is automatic thanks to long-stroke selective extractors. The pistol grip and the Schnabel forend are made from select European walnut and oil-finished. The fine-pitch, laser-made Scottish checkering features a double grip that is extremely important for a quick and precise gun swing, especially in the woods.

The 28 gauge F.A.I.R Leisure Xlight Beccaccia is offered at the competitive price of 1529 euro including VAT (price may vary depending on local taxes).

For more information about the Leisure Xlight ove-under and all other models, please visit F.A.I.R. website. 

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