Test & video: Unique Alpine JPR-1 Kodiak in .243 Winchester - The hunting precision repeater

Test & video: Unique Alpine JPR-1 Kodiak in .243 Winchester - The hunting precision repeater
In the classic model, the Picatinny rail of the Kodiak (without “Scout" designation) only extends to the action front end. If you need a longer rail, we recommend the Unique Alpine Scout version.

The technology of UA's JPR-1 Kodiak

As in the other bolt-action rifles of the line, the Kodiak is also equipped with the Unique Alpine JPR-1 action from that gives the series its name. At first glance, this appears quite "normal". However, on closer inspection it reveals a whole range of special features: during the repeating process a primary extraction works. So the cartridge is already extracted when unlocking the bolt. This avoids unsightly jams. The cartridge case is positively held by the extractor claw. This means that no matter in which position the shooter and the gun are, the gun always cycles safely. The bolt itself locks with 3 lugs directly in the action and the gun is equipped with a 3-position safety. In addition, a match-suitable trigger is installed which can be adjusted by the shooter in the 1.9-5.5 lb (900-2500 g) range.

An eye-catcher: the Kodiak stock of the Unique Alpine JPR-1

Test & video: Unique Alpine JPR-1 Kodiak in .243 Winchester - The hunting precision repeater
The Kodiak model came to all4hunters.com for the test in caliber .243 Winchester from Unique Alpine.

The Kodiak comes with a wooden stock. The JPR-1 for our test was chambered for the .243 Winchester caliber and was not tested with a suppressor, even though the 24”/609 mm barrel has a muzzle thread, like all JPR-1 series rifles. However, adding a suppressor would have made the rifle too unwieldy for hunting applications. For the test, all4hunters.com did not opt for the scout version of the Kodiak, which is also available. This means that the Picatinny rail does not extend beyond the length of the stock, but is located exclusively on the action top. The stock of the Kodiak features checkered areas on the pistol grip and forend. In addition to the .243 Winchester, the rifle is available in 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5x47 Lapua and .308 Winchester calibers.

Test & video: Unique Alpine JPR-1 Kodiak in .243 Winchester - The hunting precision repeater
The Kodiak pistol grip is provided with a non-slip checkering. A cap with the Unique Alpine logo is on the bottom.

The most outstanding feature is clearly the laminated wood stock. It is available in blue-green, yellow and red. This makes the repeater a real eye-catcher, even if it does not look as tactical as the other rifles in the JPR-1 series. From the testers' point of view, Unique Alpine has achieved a remarkable balancing with the design of the Kodiak: the rifle has a modern and fresh look, but not a modern tactical one. This makes it worth considering for hunters who would like to have something different from the usual – and,  unfortunately, often boring standard wooden stock – but who do not want to go into the hunting ground with a gun of tactical or military appearance. In the end, the design of the Kodiak will polarize and find its critics, but surely also a broad base that likes the aesthetics.

According to Unique Alpine, the stock should be resistant to all weather conditions. In addition, the laminated wood provides the stock with increased stiffness and stability. In contrast to some rifles of the same series, the Kodiak did not kicked during the shooting test. Nevertheless, the Kodiak was also equipped with the new Unique Alpine sheet-steel magazines. This did not offers any advantage in terms of function, but the Unique Alpine magazines make a much higher quality impression than those by third party manufacturers.

Unique Alpine JPR-1 Kodiak rifle – Specs and price

Model:Unique Alpine JPR-1 Kodiak
Price:1798 euro
Caliber:.243 Win.
Capacity:10 (4) + 1 rounds
Overall Length:44.3”/1125 mm
Barrel Length:24”/609 mm
Twist Length:1/10" (254 mm)
Trigger Pull Weight:1.9-5.5 lb (900-2500 g)
Weight:9 lb/4215 g
Right/Left Version:Right-hand version
Bolt action rifle with laminated wood stock, removable magazine, three-position safety, muzzle thread and Picatinny rail.

With the Kodiak in .243 Win. on the shooting range 

Test & video: Unique Alpine JPR-1 Kodiak in .243 Winchester - The hunting precision repeater
The fresh and attractive design of the JPR-1 Kodiak by UA inspired us.

The .243 Winchester is much less common than its larger original cartridge. This is mainly due to the fact that it only has a metric caliber of 6.17 millimeters. That is, a purely light game and roe deer cartridge. Therefore, the choice of ammunition is much more limited than that of the widely used .308 Winchester. For this reason, the testers used only 3 loads for the accuracy test. The 85-grain (5.5 g) PMC cartridge with Sierra Game King hollow point and boat-tailed bullet was able to secure first place with a very good grouping of 0.78”/20 mm. It was also by far the fastest load in the test. This was followed – at some distance – by the 95-grain Federal Nosler Ballistic Tip with 1.22”/31 mm, closely followed by the 1-grain heavier RWS Kegelspitz with a 1.37”/35 mm group.

Unique Alpine JPR-1 Kodiak rifle: impressions

Unique Alpine JPR-1 Kodiak – Test conclusions 

We liked the Unique Alpine Kodiak throughout. Especially the elegant and yet modern stock left a positive impression on the testers. Only the caliber of the test gun itself polarized the all4hunters.com team: while some considered it the ideal roe deer cartridge, others had their problems with the limited versatility. However, the Kodiak is also available in other calibers, so that hunters can make their choice according to their personal tastes. The Kodiak is to be recommended in any case.

Further information about Unique Alpine's repeaters can be found on the manufacturer's website.

A whole range of hunting bolt action rifles are based on the same action: here you can find a test and video of the Unique Alpine JPR-1 Nordland Scout in .308 Winchester.

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